How Do You Find Your Student ID Number?

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Every student knows how stressful college or university admin can be. There are so many emails with so much different information, it’s hard to know where to look! One of the trickier things to find is a student ID number. You may have been asked at some point to provide your student ID number on a document – how do you find it?

Your Student ID number can be found on emails regarding your application, such as your offer letter. It can also be found on emails about registering with your college/university online portal. If you can’t find your student ID number on these documents, you should contact your institution and they will be able to tell you.

Don’t worry if you’re still confused! This article will take you through what your student ID is, what form it can be in, where to find it and more. Keep reading for all you need to know about student ID numbers and cards!

Where to find your Student ID number?

Your Student Identification (ID) number will be at the top of important emails from your university or college and printed onto your student ID card. If you absolutely can’t find your student ID number or you think you haven’t been given one, you should contact your college’s/university’s IT department.

Your university will attach your student ID number to your offer letter and emails related to your application. For example, the University of Birmingham website states that you can find your student ID in emails about your offer or online registration.

What is student ID?

Student ID is an official form of documentation that proves you are in full-time education. Any student over the age of 16 (i.e., when education is no longer compulsory in England) will be given some form of student ID by their college or university. This may be a number or a card, but most likely both.

You may have seen college or university students walking around with lanyards holding a card that looks similar to a driver’s license. This is the most common form of student ID that students need to prove they are a member of college/university.

More information about what student ID is and how to get it can be found in this Think Student article.

What do you need student ID for?

The main use of student ID is for colleges and universities to keep track of the number of attending students. This is what the number form of student ID is mostly used for. However, they are also required for safety reasons. You may need to show your student ID to get onto your college or university campus.

While student ID is needed for identification, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is a valid form of ID outside of your university/college campus. You should read this Think Student article here for information about when a student ID is needed.

How do you get a student ID card?

Your university or college will provide you with a student ID card when your course officially begins. This is a key aspect of registration, so if you don’t receive a card, you should contact your university or college immediately. This is also true if you lose your student ID card for whatever reason.

You should keep your student ID card on you at all times, as you never know when you might need it.

How much does a student ID card cost?

Your student ID card will be free of charge the first time you receive one. This will typically be when you officially register with your college or university. However, if you lose your student ID card and need to replace it, you’ll be charged. Your institution will charge you for each replacement student ID card you need.

What is the cost of getting a replacement student ID card?

At the majority of UK universities, a student ID card costs £10.00 to replace. Remember, this is just for one replacement – if you lose your student ID card after you’ve already replaced it, you’ll have to pay another £10.00. A student ID card is a very important form of identification, so you need to look after it!

If you want to change the photo on your card, or you lose or damage it, you have to pay the £10.00. However, if you think your student ID card was stolen, the university will replace it for free. You will need a crime reference number for a free replacement.

Do you have to get a replacement student ID card?

The short answer is yes, if you lose or damage your student ID card you must replace it. Student ID cards are needed for a variety of things, including identification, security, accessing campus buildings, and paying for food on-site. You must have a student ID card during your time at college or university.

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