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How Lenient are Universities with Grades?

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A-Level results day can be a pivotal time for many prospective university students across the UK. University courses usually have very specific entry requirements — which mainly consist of specific A-Level qualifications and grades you must achieve — and they help narrow down the universities that …

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Can You Do A-Levels in a Single Year?

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After competing their GCSEs, most students embark on the route to studying for A-levels, a linear qualification offered across a range of subjects. A-levels are normally studied by 16-18 years–old students over the course of two years: Year 12 and Year 13. However, for a multitude of …

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How Many GCSEs Do You Need to Do A-Levels?

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For many, the jump from GCSEs to A-Levels can be a daunting process. Understanding how your GCSEs may affect your A-Level study is important to give you a sense of direction and aim. In addition to how many GCSEs you will need for A-Level study, you may have other questions. …