Here at Think Student, every article that is listed on this website has been written by students, for students. The aim of this site is to provide a basic income for students all over the United Kingdom, by way of supplying them with a writing job that works around their own unique, and most likely busy, schedules. That is why if you have a passion for writing and sharing knowledge to fellow students around the country, all the while making some money on the side, we urge you to apply.

What Does Being a Student Writer Entail?

Being a student writer is completely online and you can make money writing articles whilst sitting on the couch with a cup of tea!

As a student writer, you will spread the knowledge you have attained through being at school, college or university by way of writing informative articles that help students as much as humanly possible.

As an online student writer, you will work with senior publishers at Think Student who will assign articles for you to write each week or month and will also be more than happy to answer any questions you have at all throughout either the application process or the job itself.

How Many Articles Would I Have to Write as a Student Writer?

We get asked this a lot and our answer is always the same; you get to choose how much you write. You really do. If your application is successful, you will become a student writer and from the very first day, you get to choose exactly how much you want to write each week, month or whatever time period suits you busy life the best.

We create a writing schedule around the timetable you tell us. If you only want to write a little bit… great! If you want to write a lot… great! We plan around student’s lives and if you ever have exams coming up or something that will take your time away from article writing we are okay with that. Everyone who works at Think Student is a student so we just get it!

At Think Student, we understand that life as either a GCSE, A-Level or University student can get very busy and due to that we want writing to be something you enjoy that doesn’t consume your time. That is why becoming a student writer is as part time as you make it. After all, writing for Think Student is meant to complement your life, not take it over.

On average, our student writers write around 3000 words per week. However, we have student writers who write far less and far more.

How Much Do Student Writers Get Paid?

Student writers receive a payment for each article they write. This is our thank you for their contribution towards the site’s community. Although we don’t like to class being a student writer as a job that someone has to do, we do recognise that writing articles to help students out takes time, effort and often research. Because of this, we pride ourselves in paying students as much as we can for their contributions.

As for how much student writers are paid, it varies. The amount of money a student receives from an article that they have written is dependent on various factors. Some are written below:

  • The article’s word count
  • The amount of research the student did to complete the article
  • The difficulty of writing in relation to the topic being written about

Due to each article receiving a different payment towards the author, we can’t tell you exactly what student writers receive. That said, before student writers take on an article, they are told how much they will earn from it and have the opportunity to not write it if they wish. The writer has complete freedom.

What Does the Writer Application Process Consist of?

Although our requirements are relatively low, we do require our writers to be able to display a baseline writing ability so that our readers can understand and find the resources we put up on our website helpful. Generally speaking, if you are on track to or have already achieved a Grade 6 or above in GCSE English Language, you will fly through our application process.

Our application process will usually require you to write what we call a “sample article”. This article will then be assessed by our internal marking criteria to determine your eligibility for being a student writer. In other words, we want to see your researching ability, writing style and punctuality.

This isn’t a job application, so we don’t care about anything other than your enthusiasm to share your knowledge. Due to this, we don’t interview and we will never do any face-to-face communication unless you, the student writer, requires it. All communication will be over email, so don’t worry about having to socialise!

If I Decide I Don’t Want to Be a Student Writer Anymore, Can I Stop Immediately?

As we said before, if for any reason you need to stop writing and focus solely on your studies you can. If want to stop for no reason at all, that is also okay. You are free to pause your status as a student writer whenever you want, so there’s no need to worry about becoming a writer and hating it and then being stuck doing it!

The only thing we ask student writers for is to give us sensible notice if they wish to stop, however, this isn’t enforced, it is just super helpful for our senior publishers.

How Do I Apply to Become a Student Writer?

To apply to become a student writer, fill in the application form below and a senior publisher will be in contact as soon as possible. This is usually within 48 hours. You can back out any time and so there’s no need to worry about being forced into writing!

We feel that becoming a student writer is something that provides great opportunities to students and can be a great source of income. We urge you to apply below.

Applications are currently closed.