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Does a School Exclusion Go on Your Record?

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Exclusions are a complicated and difficult matter for any student to face; there are only certain grounds for which exclusions are applicable. The decision for exclusion has to be lawful, fair, and proportionate to the actions taken by the student. There are mainly two different …

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Can You Go to University Without GCSE Maths?

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Universities tend to lean towards focusing on A-Level grades when considering making offers. The infamous GCSE Maths in particular is a widely discussed topic amongst students and parents alike.   Usually, when you take your GCSEs, university applications and future careers are not on your list …

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Do GCSE Qualifications Expire?

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Every year thousands of students go through the insane pressure of revising for, and sitting their GCSE exams, but does all this stress have to repeat every five, ten, or even fifteen years? Afterall, if your GCSE qualifications become “out of date” when you’re older, …