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Is Durham a Campus University?

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Durham University is a great choice for anyone hoping to study a degree in the UK. The beautiful and historic city of Durham provides an inspiring backdrop for work and study. However, many students wonder whether Durham University is a campus university. This is a …

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What Are CSE Qualifications Equivalent To?

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The history of education in the UK is definitely complicated, with many different exams, grading systems, and qualifications. Qualifications that are no longer offered today also need their modern-day equivalents, so that people who achieved those qualifications can still find work or progress in education …

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Which Years of a University Degree Count?

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Wherever you go, whatever subject you study, achieving a university degree is undoubtedly hard work. There are countless essays to complete, seminars to attend, deadlines to meet, and so on. Hopefully, after three years, all of this work results in you being awarded a degree. …