Does Student ID Count as ID in the UK?

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When you are a student, many people may see you as young. Therefore, you are most likely to be restricted from most things you need an ID for! It can definitely be frustrating to not have an ID to prove your age, when somebody assumes you are younger. Believe me! I have been turned down many times, due to people not believing I am the age I say I am. Therefore, IDs are essential as a student!

Student IDs can be used as a form of ID. However, this is true only for specific things. Wearing a student ID is essential when spending the day at your institution. This is because it identifies you as a student and not some random person off the street. However, it is not an acceptable ID for many instances, such as buying alcohol or cigarettes. IDs with your birthday on are needed for this.

If you want to learn more about the different types of ID and how a student ID compares, carry on reading!

Does a student card count as ID?

Yes! A student card can definitely be used as ID. However, this is only true for certain cases. For example, it can be used as proof to show that you are a student when in a school.

However, it most likely cannot be used as ID for getting into a club for example or buying alcohol. For these activities, you need an ID with your birth date on.

Therefore, student ID can only really be used for identification within an institution. However, identifying as a student can have its perks!

You are more likely to get discounts in many different shops if you use your student ID to identify yourself as a student.

If you want to check out more ways to save money as a student using discounts, check out this website from

Your student ID can be very useful!

Can you use student ID as proof of age?

Unfortunately, it is probable that a student ID is not enough to prove your age to somebody. This is because most situations require government-issue IDs to be used instead.

This is because buying alcohol, for example, is illegal if you are under eighteen. A shop can be prosecuted if they sell alcohol to a minor. Therefore, more substantial proof is needed.

Most student IDs do not show your age. Instead, they give your name, your picture and the school that you go to. Therefore, you will need to show something with your birthday on in order to prove your age.

Don’t worry though! There are many IDs which you could use instead. For example, your passport, birth certificate or driving licence, if you have one, are all great forms of ID. Check out the government website to find suitable IDs to show proof of age.

What counts as student ID in the UK?

For an ID to be classed as a student ID, it can only be used by students, hence the name. It is given to you by your school and will often include a picture of yourself.

It will also show the logo of your institution, with the institution’s name. Of course it will include your full name too. More information about student IDs can be found on the iStudy website, if you click here.

The student ID can be worn on a lanyard and lets people know that you are a full time student. Students are usually given a student ID when they go to a public college or sixth form college.

You will then be given another student ID if you go to university. It must be given to you by your institution in order to be classed as a student ID.

The uses of student IDs can be found on the Outscholar website, if you click here.

What can be used as ID in the UK?

There are many things that can be used as proof of ID in the UK. As already mentioned, a driving licence is a great form of ID.

Passports or birth certificates are also extremely acceptable. However, I wouldn’t recommend carrying these around. If you lose them, this could have devastating consequences.

Therefore, a driving licence is the best way to go. You are able to get a provisional licence when you are fifteen years and nine months old. This means you can get a licence before you drive!

To find out more about provisional licences, check out this and this article from Think Student.

Check out the government website for more information on acceptable forms of ID.

Can you get a free ID in the UK?

Your student ID card should be given free to you by your school. Therefore, it is free. If you want to learn more about how you get a student ID card, check out this article from Think Student.

Unfortunately, the IDs required for proving your age are quite expensive. You probably already know how pricey passports and licences are.

However, a new type of identity card has been introduced in the UK. This is known as the PASS card.

You are able to get one if you are over sixteen years old and it only costs £15. Check out this website from the Post Office to find out how to get one.

Why do you need a form of ID?

The main reason that students need an ID is to be able to buy things that require them to be over sixteen or eighteen years old.

For example, if you want a DVD which is an age fifteen plus and the cashier doesn’t believe you are sixteen years old, an ID would be a lifesaver.

IDs are also required for you to get into clubs and buy alcohol. This is especially important if you are at university and you want to go out with friends.

Therefore, make sure you have an ID showing your age before you go to university!

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