What is Student ID and How Do You Get it?

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There are thousands of students at university from all around the world, many of which are different ages and ethnicities, it can be hard for universities to keep track of all of them. Due to the size of universities, it would not be feasible to hire someone to grant students access to certain buildings and rooms at all times. Because of this there are certain systems in place to make this process easier and more manageable, student ID is one of these systems.

Student ID is a way for universities to monitor their students by confirming they attend the university. Student ID also provides a way for students to use various programs and facilities on the university campus.  It is also used as a form of identification when doing an exam.  

If you would like to find out more about student ID, please keep reading. 

What is Student ID?

Student ID (short for identification), or also called student URN (unique reference number) which is a number given to all university students that confirms their attendance at their given university 

The number on student ID is typically 7 digits long. However, this can vary from university to university. If you don’t attend university, you will not have student ID as you are not registered at a university. 

Your student ID can be found on your student card. This student card also has an image of you much like your passport does. Student ID also has the name of your university and a barcode that can be scanned. This barcode is very important and can be used for many things which will be discussed further on. 

The student ID number will be with you for the duration of your time at university. Generally, this would be for 3-4 years (depending on how long your course is) and will not be renewed each year. Once you leave university your student ID will expire. 

What is Student ID Used For?

Your student ID has various uses including uses within your university and the wider community. Your student ID may be used to help you log into your universities online portal where you would have access to all your lectures and PowerPoints. If you are interested in seeing an example of a university portal, then check out this link here. 

On the university campus your student ID card which contains the student ID will give you access to numerous facilities. These facilities include the library, laundrette, certain buildings, and it will even allow you to use certain equipment. This usually works by scanning your student ID card barcode on a scanner to gain access. 

The student ID card has to be activated when you first enrol at university. So, make sure you activate your ID card to gain access to all the facilities that may help you during your time at university. 

When doing exams, to ensure it’s fair for all students, you would typically have to put in your student ID and not your name. This is to ensure there is impartiality and the lecturer marking the paper doesn’t favour one student above the other. The reason this is so important is the marker would not be able to identify which student wrote each exam paper from their student ID alone. 

Does Student ID Give You Discounts?

Outside of university your student ID will grant you student discounts in various shops. You can use websites like Unidays and Student Beans. These both provide discount codes to all your favourite shops when doing both online and in person shopping. 

Another great element to the Student ID is that it can give you great savings on travel. If you will be commuting to university by train, then you could be eligible for some student discounts. Make sure you check your local rail service to see what they offer. If you happen to go to university in the southeast Southern Rail offer a ‘unizone’ ticket which partnered with a railcard gets you cheaper travel. Click here to find out more. 

When Do You Get Your Student ID?

You will likely receive your student ID within the offer letter from your university. It’s possible you would have received it in an email from your university when you registered online. 

You will receive your student ID card during your first week of university. This first week is termed ‘welcome week’ where you will have various other admin tasks to do. These tasks could include setting up your library account and even opening a student bank account to organise your finances. When you move into your accommodation, if you’re living in halls, your student ID may be on any letters they send you. 

What Happens if You Lose Your Student ID Card?

Losing your student card can be so annoying. Especially for some students if their student card is what they use to enter their accommodation building.  

Losing your ID card is nothing to worry about as you can get a replacement. You would need to go to the nearest reception for your accommodation. Another option is to send an email to the student team and let them know you have lost or broken your student ID card. You may have to pay a fee anywhere from £5 – £15 for a new card, then it will be sent to you in a few days. 

In the meantime, while you don’t have a card, if you want to go to the library you would have to speak to the reception or security at the entrance to the library. They would give you a temporary ‘card’ to use, which would allow you to access the library

If You Change University Will Your Student ID Change?

If you move to a different university, even if you will continue doing the same course, your student ID will change 

Your student ID is specific to a university as it confirms your attendance at that university in particular. Similarly, to the email address your university will give you, so you will not be able to continue using it at your new university. When you start at your new university you will be given a new student ID, a new student card and a new email address.

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