When Do GCSE Results Come Out in 2024?

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You may be curious about when GCSE results are due to come out. This article is here to give you a guide about when to expect your GSCE results, as well as to answer any other related questions that you may have.  

In short, your GCSE results will come out on Thursday 22nd of August. Your school will give you more information about this, as well as let you know if the date (or anything else) changes. You can collect them in person, online or in the post. If you don’t want to (or can’t) collect your GCSE results on results day, you can ask someone else to collect your results on your behalf, or receive your results online.

Although a small summary of the article can be found above, I would recommend that you read the rest of this article to get some more details. 

How do you receive your GCSE results? 

So, results day finally comes around and you are wondering how you are actually going to receive your GCSE results. There are a number of different ways that you can receive your results, including: 

  • In person, from your school 
  • Online (such as during the COVID-19 pandemic) 
  • In the post 

If you would like some of your questions answered about how you can get your GCSE results, you should read this Think Student article, which discusses everything you need to know about getting your GCSE results.  

You will find out how your secondary school distribute exam results directly from them. You should have information about this before you leave school, but should also receive emails from your school nearer the time – make sure that you keep checking your inbox! 

Can you receive your GCSE results after results day? 

If receiving your GCSE results on the formally known results day isn’t convenient for you, are you able to receive them on a day after results day that suits you better? I’m afraid the answer isn’t as simple as the question. 

It depends. To some extent, there is only one results day and it is rare to be able to go into your school to pick up GCSE results after results day. This is due to schools storing student’s GCSE result slips for different amounts of time after results day. That said, it really is down to your school’s discretion. More commonly, if you aren’t able to or don’t want to collect your GCSE results on results day, your school will usually offer a facility whereby they can email your results. 

Usually, this email would arrive on results day, however technically speaking, you could open it many days after results day! 

There are also other options for collecting results. You can give permission for someone else to collect your results, meaning that you don’t need to collect your own results on results day, so again, technically, you can receive your results after results day (though someone would have to go into your school on your behalf on the day).  

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