How to Find Out GCSE Results From Many Years Ago

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You may be looking to find out what your GSCE results were because you are applying for further education (such as university) or you may be applying for a job. In both of these scenarios, GCSEs can be very important, and so it is vital that you know what your grades were. Whether you have forgotten your grades and can’t find your certificates, or you don’t have your certificates and need to supply proof of the grades you achieved, this article is here to guide you through the steps that you can take to find out what GCSE grades you got, as well as how to get proof of your achieved grades.  

The short answer is that GSCE certificates are the main way that you will be able to find out what your grades are – this is why you should always keep them in a safe yet accessible place. If you don’t have your certificates, you will need to contact the school where you sat your exams: 

  • If you never collected your exam certificates, you need to find out what your school have done with them.  
  • If you collected your exam certificates, but lost them, you need to find out which exam boards you took your exams with, so that you can contact the boards directly for certificate replacements.  

Although this summary is intended to give you a quick overview of the article, and hopefully directly answer your question, I would recommend that you read the entire article as to get the most information possible. You will also find that useful links to relevant sites have been provided to help you through the process of finding out your GCSE results from years ago.  

What Might You Need Your GCSE Results For in the Future? 

Your GSCEs are an important set of qualifications, and having your grades (and proof of them!) is something that will be useful in your future, regardless of what direction you choose to go in for your career or further education.  

You will need your GCSE results when you apply for further education, as well as when you go for jobs. This means that (if you can) you should keep your certificates as safe as possible so that you always know what the GCSE grades you achieved were. If you would like to find out more about how important GCSEs are to employers and further education institutions, you should have a read of this useful article.  

How Can You Find Out Your GCSE Grades? 

Your GCSE grades can be found on your GCSE Certificates, which would have been given to you by your school a few months after your GCSE results day. If you would like to find out more information about how long your school will hold your GCSE certificates, you should take a look at this helpful article 

In most cases, you should have collected them and therefore have them in your possession, but we understand that there are circumstances which may mean that you don’t have them anymore. The rest of this article will discuss how you can find out what your grades are if you don’t have your certificates.  

In the rare cases where individuals have not picked up their GCSE certificates, it is important that you check whether or not your school have kept your certificates or not. This will depend on what the system is at the school you attended, but is certainly the first place to start if you would like to find out what your grades were. More about this can be found in the aforementioned article.  

How Can You Find Out Which Exam Boards You Took Your GCSEs With? 

If you need to replace your GCSE exam certificates in order to find out your grades, you need to know which exam boards you took each of your GCSEs with. Most schools use a mixture of exam boards, and so it is useful to know which subjects you did with which board.  

The only way that you will be able to come across this information is by contacting the school which you sat your GCSEs at. In order to get the information that you need, you should tell your school which year you left, as well as which subjects you took. Although your school will no longer have a record of your subjects and achievements, they will be able to tell you which exam boards were used in the year that you took your exams.  

You should be able to easily find contact information for your old school online, and I would recommend that you ring them to get a response to your query the fastest! 

How Do You Get Your GCSE Certificates? 

Once you know which exam boards your school used for each of your subjects, you can start contacting the exam boards that you need proof of qualification from. Below, you can find a list of the 5 exam boards which are used in the UK, each linked to the website where you can request proof of GCSE grades: 

Even though you cannot get an actual replacement of your certificates, you will be able to purchase an alternative proof of exam grades, which will be sufficient for employers, and further education institutions. You can also request a letter to be sent to an employer or university as a form of proof of results.  

You should, however, keep in mind that processing these requests can sometimes take quite some time, and so you need to make sure that you have left enough time for your proof of results to be provided, especially if you are applying for something that has a deadline!  

Even if it is not immediately necessary, you should ensure that you always have a copy of your GCSE grades and the certificates that prove them. If you are not in possession of these documents at any point, make sure that you try to replace them as soon as possible! You never know when you will need them.  

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Rebecca kidd
Rebecca kidd
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How do I find out my gcse results from back in 2005