What is Homecoming in America?

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Watching American teen films has probably left you wondering what homecoming is. They always show the homecoming dance! It always seems really special on television or in films. You may be thinking that there are always beautiful dresses and fairy tale like settings. Each school has their different traditions related to homecoming. However, all of the events came from the same idea.

Homecoming is a traditional celebration held in many schools in the US. It originated in the 20th century when the school’s alumni were asked to visit their old friends and visit the school grounds again. It can consist of a week of events, such as parades and activities. These activities include sporting events and often a dance.

Homecoming may be more complicated than you realise. It includes more than a dance! Carry on reading if you want to discover the full definition.

What does homecoming mean in America?

Homecoming is a major part of the school year in America.  This special time of the year allows former students to visit their old school again.

It involves a week of events, such as a parade and a football game. Most people see the main event of homecoming as the dance.

Depending on the school, the student body can then put in nominations to vote for their peers. This results in a homecoming king and queen being crowned.

The homecoming tradition began in the 20th century. It started as a celebration for the first football game of the season. This would result in former pupils returning to their old campus.

However, over the years, this developed into a major event! Now it includes so many different activities, such as a pep rally. To find out more about homecoming in America, click here to visit the Seventeen.com website.

When is the homecoming in America?

You may be surprised to hear when homecoming nearly takes place. You may think that it happens at the end of the year. However, you are thinking of prom!

Homecoming actually occurs in September or October. This means that it can also act as a back to school event.

A series of homecoming related events can then last over several days. You can find out more information about this on the Student Success website if you click here.

Americans often see homecoming as the highlight of the fall. This is because it can involve socialising with fellow students and celebrating the shared culture of high school or college.

The homecoming party is usually at the end of the week. This is on Friday or Saturday night. The party is usually open to students from all different grades and years.

This party involves listening to a DJ and dancing along. It is a great time to socialise and celebrate the university culture and life.

Then, the most exciting part happens! At the end of the party, a homecoming queen and king can then be crowned. They often share a dance and this finishes homecoming week.

What is the difference between prom and homecoming?

The homecoming dance and prom can definitely seem pretty similar. However, they are actually different! American students usually have a homecoming dance and a prom.

The two dances are at completely different times of the year. Prom usually occurs in spring or summer. This is because it involves celebrating the end of the school year. In comparison, homecoming takes place in September or October, as already stated in this article.

Further to this, homecoming is a more inclusive event. This is because it allows students from all years to attend. Contrastingly, prom only allows older students to attend. In America, these are called seniors or juniors.

The outfits between these two events are also very different. Homecoming is seen as a much more casual event. Some schools even allow jeans and t-shirts as outfits for homecoming.

However, if students do wear dresses, they are often short and not very fancy. Similarly, the suits that boys wear are not normally very expensive. 

People who go to prom normally wear elaborate dresses and suits. Prom is classed as a much more formal event. Prom in the UK is similar and you can find out more if you view this article from Think Student.

Homecoming is a great experience in America. It provides its participants with stories and memories that can last a lifetime. If you have the chance to go, then go! You will not regret it.

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