7+ Things That (Actually) Happen at Prom in the UK?

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Prom has become a rite of passage for teenagers everywhere. It was originally an American practice, but it has made its way across the pond and has spread to secondary schools in the UK.

Prom typically takes place at the end of the school year after GCSE or A-Level exams, this happens in Year 11 or Year 13. Prom is a fancy dance party where everyone who attends wears formal attire. It is wonderful end to the school year and it is safe to say that you will have memories from prom to cherish for a lifetime. In this article I will be going over a list of things you may not know that happen at prom in the UK. 

1. What do You Wear to Prom?

Prom is the time when you want to look your best and show off your fashion sense to your peers. Deciding what to wear can be a very time consuming and stressful process. Teenagers often end up spending a large sum on their outfit for their special night out. For a lot of us it’s going to be the first time we see our peers in more formal clothing, rather than the usual comfy hoodies and sneakers. For the girls they will likely be wearing a dress and for the boys there’s nothing like a clean-cut suit. 

At this event the pressure is on to look our best! Do not be pressured or forced to spend hundreds on an outfit that you might be wearing for only a couple of hours. A great option available to you is to rent a dress just for the evening. This can be done in many shops, here is an example online. The boys can also rent out a suit, check out this link here.

Sometimes you can find the most dazzling attire in a charity shop (thrifting is more fun you can imagine!) – I promise you can find something beautiful that was loved by someone else. There is no need to be insecure about where you get your outfit from, all that matters is that if you feel like a million dollars and are comfortable when wearing it.  

2. Prom will be Organised by Your Teachers

Do not be alarmed when you find out your teachers are the ones are organising your prom. I promise they will be able to make sure you have a memorable night. A lot of the time, TV shows and movies show a group of students organising everything, but realistically this may be a little too much hard work for teenagers especially as the majority of the organising will be during exam time.  

Teachers will keep you in the know along the process as they are doing this all for you! The teachers will likely have experience organising prom from previous years, so you are in safe hands, it will be a lot of fun. Teachers will not be afraid to spend that budget on a night you deserve after years of hard work.

3. Secondary Schools Sometimes Rent 5 Star Hotels for Prom

Depending on your school’s budget, they will want you to enjoy your night in a well-to-do place rather than your school gym. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for every school, but it has been known so it’s not out the realms of possibility.

There are schools that will be willing to pay to rent the Hilton Hotels or a banqueting suite. Schools want you to enjoy your night so of course they will spend the extra money to send you off in style.  

The venue of your prom night can be a game-changer to your prom experience. Prom is something that you will probably remember forever and be the happy ending to a chapter of your life.   

4. There is LOTS of Socialising

Prom night will probably be the last time, you, your classmates, and teachers will be in the same room together. This means that you will want to make the most of your special night by talking to everyone at least once.  

This means that the last person you would expect to speak to may even come up to you and strike up a conversation. There will be people who you may have never spoken to asking you about your future and maybe to hang out in the summer.  

On that note remember to go out of your way and have a chat with someone who seems to be a little left out – maybe laugh about a funny moment or even ask them for a dance. You could be thing that turns their night around.

5. Teachers Love Dancing

A lot of people forget that teachers have a life outside of school. Admittedly, we all expect teachers to live with the same professionalism at home as they do at school. You would be surprised at how different teachers are in school versus out of school.  

Prom is just as much as a celebration for you as it is for teachers – especially with most of them knowing you since Year 7. With all the latest dance hits being played at your prom there is no doubt that you will see your teachers enjoying their time as well by dancing.  

Obviously, school is the last place where a teacher would dance, so prom is the perfect opportunity for them to showcase their dancing skills to you. So prepared to be impressed by your teachers dancing.  

That being said, you may also see some outdated and possibly cringey dance moves, but that’s part of the fun. Don’t be hesitant to get involved and make the most of your time – the last thing you would want to do is have any regrets.  

6. Will There be a Professional Photographer at Prom?

Most schools investing in a professional photographer, so the chances are the photos from that night are going to be stunning.  

Many of the photos in your school yearbook will be from prom. This is just more of a reason to look your best at prom, so that when you look over those photos long after prom you can show everyone how amazing your prom experience was.  

There could even be a photo booth at your prom so you can get some pictures to stick in your scrapbook or wall. Again, don’t be sceptical of the photo booths – they are a lot cooler than you may think. 

7. There will be Lots of Pictures

There’s a good chance you will have a parent showing off their photography skills right before you get into your ride to prom. You can expect an impromptu photoshoot (including some very unique poses). This is when your outfits are perfectly un creased with make-up and hair pristine and perfect (believe me they can get very messy, very quickly!).  

These photoshoots will be the best ones of your night so make sure to put on your cheesiest smile! There is no doubt these pictures will end up on their social media or in a family album. Just play along and let them have some fun as it might even remind them of their special night back when they were your age. It has to be a rite of passage in itself to let your parents whip out their cameras and have their go at being a photographer.  

8. Not Everyone has a Date to Prom

The expectation of having a date to prom is something that is pushed too much on teenagers. Not having a date to a social event is something that must be normalised – who says that you cannot have a fantastic night out hanging out with your friends rather than spending most of it with one person.  

Often in movies we see everyone has a date and in the rare case someone is going alone, they are shamed for being by themselves. I want you to know that it is no big deal if you don’t have a plus-one with you and you may even have a better time with your friends rather than being with one person.  

In reality no one is going to judge you for not having a date to prom. A lot of the time, everyone goes as a group to prom and has a great time. No-one should have to dread going to prom simply because they don’t have a date. If you have a date, then that’s cool too. That all being said, if you really want to have a plus-one why don’t you ask someone. Remember friends can be dates. 

9. Live Band at Prom

Music is something that will be at all proms no matter what, this could be a DJ or even a live band. Live bands are becoming more and more common and the vibe they give off is unreal. Nothing beats live music in how it can bring people together. It can even feel like a private gig the way you can be yourself and hang out with your closest friends. Maybe if you’re lucky, you will be able to give in requests.  

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A parent
A parent
1 year ago

Speaking as a parent: don’t be afraid! The prom is more about friends getting together for one last time than it is a wild party. Believe in your children and trust them.