What are Good Part Time Jobs For College Students?

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Independence is something we all crave at some point in our lives. The urge to learn more about the way the adult world works and to establish a place in it is something most young people look forward to. This is one of the main reasons as to why many students choose to get a part time job alongside their college or sixth form studies. Another main reason for getting a part time job is a student’s financial status. Before taking on a part time job, it is important to consider whether the job is right for you.

A part time job for a student can be particularly difficult to find due to the lack of professional experiences many students have. A part time job is also not suitable for students who have a busy schedule outside their school timetable. Despite this, lots of students will have luck finding jobs in three main categories: retail, fast food chains and online services. The flexibility and lack of significant experiences needed in these industries make them popular industry choices for students with little time on their hands.

It should be noted that having a job is an entirely new experience for students. It is not a choice that works well for everyone. You may be wondering whether getting a part time job is the right thing for you. Keep reading to find out more and see if any might be a good fit.

What are the best part time jobs for college students?

For most teenagers, an ideal part time job would be directly related to their industry of interest or

office based. However, there is a very small pool of these jobs available for someone with little qualifications and below the age of 18.

Searching for a part time job as a teenager will often lead to jobs like waitressing. There are many more jobs available that don’t involve the fast-food industry. To be prepared for these jobs, you may potentially need some experience. This article will cover 2 of these possible jobs.


Many students choose to pursue part time jobs in the babysitting industry. Generally official babysitting companies will not likely hire a student. However local parents or people you know may be interested in arranging a student babysitter because of lower rates. This job requires both rust from the parents and patience from you when dealing with small children. The job will generally pay the UK’s minimum wage, but this will vary depending on how generous the parents are.


If you excel academically and have a skill in teaching others, tutoring may be a good option for you. This involves working with children or teenagers younger than you and depends on your ability to provide one-to-one lessons. The flexibility in tutoring makes it an extremely popular choice among college students. Lots of websites and companies allow it to be done online or face-to-face based on your preference and schedule.  If you want to get started with tutoring visit Superprof  to learn more.

This skill involves more qualifications compared to other student jobs. Generally, most tutoring companies will expect high GCSE and A-Level grades. Your pay will be based on your expertise. Most tutors can expect to make an average of £20 per hour.

For more job ideas, check out this article from Monster for a list of 10 possible jobs for teenagers in the UK. If you are an international student, or a teenager who has recently moved to the UK, you might find this Think Student article helpful.

Should you consider having a part time job during college?

A part time job can either be taken with joy or with desperation. Either way it will still require hard work and commitment from you. Therefore, before you start to apply for jobs, it is important to examine your life. Make sure to consider what factors will change once you get a job and whether you are prepared to start one.  Also, understanding what skills and attributes you have is a good way to identify which jobs you would be successful at.

Are you good at keeping on top of things?

An essential skill that most employers are looking for is good management. This includes time management skills and being organised. However, time management isn’t just necessary for your job role. Many students will want to go on to university after college or sixth form and need to place plenty of focus on this goal.

Maintaining good grades and completing your extracurriculars is essential to getting into your desired university of choice. Students who have a part-time job often struggle with time management and find themselves unable to keep up with both their schoolwork and their job.

A lot of students these days are deciding that they just don’t have the time for a job. Check out this CNBC article for more reasons why fewer teenagers have part time jobs.  But if you feel that you can balance your schoolwork and other parts of your life with a job, then you may be ready to find one.

Are you good at commitment?

A large part of a job that many students struggle with is commitment. Your school environment is not the same as a professional working environment. Whilst your teacher’s may excuse a forgotten piece of homework or being a few minutes late, an employer will not.

Employers can be incredibly selective about who they want to hire and will therefore have high expectations of you, despite your age. The initial start of your job will include a few days or weeks of training, depending on how complex your tasks are. If you struggle with strict deadlines and keeping your promises, then a part-time job this early is probably not right for you

Are you a good communicator?

Most part time jobs will require GCSEs or an equivalent qualification. The low academic requirements mean that most part time jobs available to students will be labour intensive or customer service related. Therefore, a key skill needed is strong communication skills. This skill is considered the most important when having a job. You need to be able to effectively communicate your opinions and ideas with members of your team. You must also be able to communicate differently with any customers you may be dealing with.

It should also be noted that dealing with people, especially with customers, can be quite frustrating if you have an unpleasant experience at work. In some cases, some students will quit or be fired as a result of poor communication with customers.

How many hours should you work while at college?

Whilst most students will be very ambitious about their job and are willing to work hard for it, there are many restrictions in place. These include the type of hours and the number of hours that students in full time education can work.

Most sixth form students and college students will be aged 16 to 17. Therefore, students must not be working for more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. Students must also not be working between 10pm and 6am if their contract does not say. If their contract does allow for them to work after 10pm, they are not allowed to be working between 11 pm and 7am.

Whilst some of you may be disappointed to hear this, these regulations are put into place, so a job has little to no negative impacts on a student’s education or training. To provide more legal protection for young people, many laws are put in place to prevent age discrimination and exploitation.

For example, the Equality Act recognises age as one of the protected characteristics. This means that employers must not treat a young employee differently because of their age or the age they appear to be.

Check out this article from Think Student to find out more about the hours a student can legally work in the UK and how this affects their schoolwork.

Do universities care if you have a job?

Many universities look favourably towards extracurriculars because it displays a student’s interest and abilities outside of school. However, most children of working-class parents do not have the luxury of affording extracurriculars, thus part time jobs become much more of a necessity for them.

It should be noted that students who have a job as an alternative to extracurriculars are not looked down upon when it comes to university applications. Working hard to earn money implies a strong commitment towards your job and towards yourself. Many universities value this as it indicates success. A part time job can also be more related to your degree than an extracurricular activity. For example, tutoring displays strong interest and knowledge in your subject.

It is important to remember that universities value a good academic record more than anything else.

What are the benefits of having a part-time job as a student?

Overall, there are many benefits you can reap from having a part time job. These benefits can be financial, or career related. It is important to consider all of them before deciding to take a part time job.

The biggest advantage that most students seek is money. There are different reasons for wanting more in your teen years. This can be wanting money to spend on big purchases such as luxury goods, university tuition fees, or eating out with friends. Whatever your reason may be, it is always an extremely rewarding feeling when you are able to spend the money you have worked so hard to earn.

Having a part-time job will also give you a chance to develop your CV. You will gain important skills and meet valuable people who can help develop your career. Skills like leadership and customer service are skills that must be experienced rather than taught and a part time job is the perfect way to do this. You may meet some interesting people who you would not normally interact with in a school environment. This will help you when you go to university or start a full-time job as an adult.  

An additional benefit is that a part time job will give you a glimpse of the working world. It will give you an insight into the different aspects of a business and your role in it. You will be introduced to pay negotiation, employee rights and much more.

It is important to remember that a part time job should always come second to your education. An education is what elevates your career and allows you to earn your true worth.  Part time jobs do not have to be a commitment throughout the school year. You could also look into summer holiday jobs as an alternative as this won’t have an effect on your education.

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