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What time do primary schools start and finish in the UK?

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Primary school is compulsory early schooling for young children aged 4 to 13 years old, elsewhere known as junior school, elementary school, or grade school. It provides our youngest generation with the basic knowledge and skills required to continue into their high school education and allows them to find their interests without any pressure. However, the times at which the primary school day begins, and ends affect the child’s sleep, social life and even the life of …

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How Many Marks is it to Pass GCSE Maths?

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Everybody knows how important it is to pass GCSE Maths. Most jobs require you to have passed this subject in order for you to be employed. In fact, it is compulsory to keep taking GCSE Maths until you do pass before you turn 18. As …

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What is a Pass Grade at GCSE and A-Level?

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Taking exams is a struggle for all students, no matter what their ability. Whether at A-level or at GCSE, the process of studying for and taking exams is stressful. The main ambition is to obtain the highest grade possible in order to prepare you for the next stage of your career. However, it is sometimes the case that aiming for a solid pass is the best course …

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GCSEs or GCSE’s: Which is Correct and Why?

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When reading about GCSE exams online, there are several different ways of writing the abbreviation. This means it can be very difficult to understand which you should use, and which is correct for your own writing, especially as this is a key word in many topics. However, in this article …

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Which Universities in the UK Like EPQs?

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Stepping into sixth form, many students are striving to achieve a competitive edge over other university applicants. An EPQ is often taken alongside their chosen A-level subjects for the purpose of strengthening their applications, but do universities actually care about it?  EPQs are definitely time-consuming and challenging, however, …

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How Much Independent Study Should You Do at Uni?

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University is the first taste of true freedom for many students. Moving away from home to emerge into the wonders of adulthood, like doing your own laundry and cooking your own meals – splendid! Fresher’s week, piles of assignments, long lectures, social events already begin …