Top 10 Best Online A-Level Courses – Student Ranking for 2024

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Sometimes, students get fed up of classroom based learning. I don’t blame you! It can become a drag after so many years of schooling. If this sounds like you, then maybe you could consider doing an online A-Level course. They allow so much flexibility, as you can learn at your own pace. They are also just as thorough and useful as any A-Level you would learn in the classroom!

Disclaimer: This list is the representation of student’s opinion and is not to be taken as fact. There are many other online courses that would be great but didn’t make this list so please do your research.

If you want to discover the top ten A-Level courses, check out this article and hopefully, you will get a good idea of what these courses involve and whether they would be right for you.

What are the top 10 online A-Level courses?

The top A-Level online courses are listed here, based on student opinion. You could use this list to compare the different prices and resources that each course offers. To apply for each course, you must be sixteen years old or over!

You can actually do you’re a-Levels at any age! Check out this article from Think Student to find out more.

Each course offers a different range of subjects. Therefore, it would be useful to look at each website yourself, to make sure that they have the A-Level subjects you are interested in.

1. Open Study College

This service offers 20 different A-Levels you can choose from! These all come from the OCR, AQA or Edexcel exam board. Therefore, you have more of a choice of which exam board you would want to do.

There are no entry requirements. However, they do recommend that you have at least passed the subject at GCSE to study it at A-Level.

The Open Study College offers unlimited tutor support, useful course materials and if you have a practical endorsement, they will make sure that you are able to complete this.

If you want to go straight into a career afterwards, they will also help you write an effective CV. Each course starts from £15 a month. However, if you want to pay in full, it would cost £539.

This is not the cheapest study course, however it isn’t the most expensive either! It offers a range of subjects and effective teaching methods of high quality. You can apply to the courses on the Open Study College website, if you click here.

The reviews from students are also extremely positive and can be found on this page from Trust Pilot.

There we have it. Hopefully, this list has shown you the benefits of online learning courses and will help with you’re a-Level decisions! Of course, there are plenty more providers that were not even mentioned on this list, so it is important to do your own research before picking your provider.

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts on online A-Levels and their provider below, especially if you have your own experiences with them.

2. National Extension College

This course emphasises how the courses it offers are based on 55 years’ experience! Therefore, you can expect high quality teaching from this course.

National Extension College also has a track record of students achieving high grades and you will get all of the support you need, depending on what you desire to do in the future.

A range of A-Levels are offered from the AQA and Edexcel exam board, including A-Level Chemistry and A-Level Economics. Three AS-Level subjects are also offered, in case you don’t want to do a full A-Level.

Each course is around £695 and you have to be sixteen years old or over with internet access. This may seem expensive, however the support you gain is invaluable.

For example, you are given assignments specific to the exam board, offered study guides which will help you revise effectively and you are even given a time table study planner, to help you organise revision!

This service also provides the chance to do fast track A-Levels and these are the same price. If you want to discover more about National Extension College, check out their website here.

All of the student reviews are positive, describing the courses as giving five star service. You can check them out on the National Extension College page.

3. Oxbridge Home Learning

Oxbridge Home Learning is a service which prides it selves on student’s grades. According to their website, 97% of students pass. Further to this, 69% of A-Level pupils scored an A or an A* in 2021!

They also provide you with an exam seat, so you are sure to sit an exam. Some courses don’t offer this, meaning you may not be able to take an exam because there are no spaces left!

This course is so confident, you will be offered help to pass your exams for free if you don’t pass the first time. There are 22 A-Level courses this service offers.

However, if you feel that you are weak at maths, you could opt for a GCSE Maths and A-Level bundle, so that you can also brush up on your maths skills.

Like most online courses, it offers a flexible time frame and a fast track option. This course however, can be quite expensive. On average, each course costs about £745. You are also likely to need at least a GCSE grade 6 in the A-Level you want to study.

You can read about the different subjects and the prices for each course on the Oxbridge Home Learning website here.

4. Learn Now

Learn Now is a family run business and pride themselves on students having a fulfilling experience when utilising their courses.

They offer A-Levels from AQA and CAIE. There are 31 different A-Level courses you can do on Learn Now. These include all of the A-Level Sciences and all of the Humanities subjects!

Therefore, you have plenty of choice. You can check out all of their subjects on the Learn Now website, if you click here.

The prices vary for each subject, so it’s good to check out the website for yourself and see how much the courses are which you want to do. An example of a price is £345. This is how much it would cost to learn the whole of A-Level Biology.

Students who have completed the course have remarked on the interactive experiences offered, which are seen as much more interesting than just reading from a book! Like all other A-Level courses, you must be sixteen years old to enrol.

5. Distance Learning Centre

The Distance Learning Centre prides themselves on having fully qualified subject specialists as tutors. They can communicate with you in a number of ways, including video calls, phone calls and emails.

This course also allows you to meet students in the same position as you. As a result, you can form study groups and get involved with group tutorials.

The course is also extremely flexible. You can start any time of the year and take study breaks when needed. They offer a wide range of subjects which allow you to get into university, if this is your goal.

You must be wise when choosing you’re a-Levels! f you want to discover which A-Level subjects are hardest, check out this article from Think Student.

Not only this, but they also help you apply to UCAS! This gives you the maximum chance of getting into the university you want to.

The prices vary for whichever course you are doing. However, the Distance Learning Centre do pride themselves on their affordability. You can find out more information about prices on their website if you click here.

If you want to check out reviews on their website, check out this link.

6. Cloud Learn

Cloud Learn is an online course provider which actually offers a 100% pass guarantee! If you choose courses from this website, you will gain one to one tutor support, peer to peer learning and plenty of mock exams.

Thirteen A-Level courses are offered and like most online courses, the specifications follow the AQA and Edexcel exam boards. You can find the full list of A-Level subjects on the Cloud Learn website, if you click here.

The prices vary depending on what course you are doing and how fast you tend to do it in. You could complete your A-Levels faster if you enrol for the fast track service.

The payment plans range from 6-48 months, however, are only eligible for students over 18. It is possible to also get discounts. Cloud Learn also pride themselves on offering courses for 15%-20% cheaper than other online courses.

You can find out more about Cloud Learn and how it can help you gain the qualifications for university on their website here.

7. ICS Learn

This website offers nine different A-Level courses. This includes A-Level Business, A-Level Mathematics and A-Level English Literature, However, no A-Level Science subjects are offered.

Despite this, this service offers you unlimited support and live English and Maths lessons! Therefore, if you do struggle with these core subjects, the courses provided here would be fantastic opportunities.

You will also receive student progress reports, whilst learning in a flexible manner with 27/7 access to courses. Each A-Level course costs £48 a month for six months, and this is interest free.

This would eventually cost £349. However, if you enrol for more than one A-Level, this would be cheaper. Most courses also don’t require any previous qualifications.

All of the student reviews on their website are extremely positive and can be viewed for each course. For example, you can discover the reviews for A-Level business on their website, if you click here.

8. Oxford Home Learning

This online course focuses on the benefits of home schooling and using this to the greatest advantage! In their blog, they explain how home schooling allows students to study what interests them most, allows more flexibility and can even boost your confidence.

These principles are what the site bases their online courses on. You can read more benefits of home schooling on the Oxford Home Learning website here. The A-Level courses used are based on the AQA and Edexcel exam board specifications.

They offer twelve popular A-Level courses. These include A-Level Biology, A-Level Psychology and A-Level Spanish. However, they don’t offer A-Level Chemistry or A-Level Physics.

One A-Level course costs £475 and this can be paid in instalments. Therefore, it is slightly cheaper than the UK Open College.

It is also a non-profit organisation. As a result, the money you are paying is completely invested in you and not used to make lots of extra profit.

The courses also provide you with experienced student advisors, who can help you throughout the course. This is a great addition, as they are more likely to know how you are feeling and give useful support as a result.

If you want to apply to this course, you can do this straight from their website, if you click here.

9. UK Open College

This online course website offers 21 different A-Level subjects. Similarly, to most online A-Level courses, you are able to work at your own pace and study wherever and whenever you want to!

This course was based on asking students how they learnt best and what tools they required in order to perform to the best of their abilities. It was created in 2006 and has been going strong ever since!

You do not require any entry qualifications. All home study also comes with unlimited email and postal support, so that you receive all of the resources required.

The courses on this website are from the AQA and Edexcel exam board. UK Open College offers all the A-Level science subjects and many more, such as A-Level Geography and History.

You can discover all of the subjects on their course website, if you click here. Each course costs about £539 for the two years. Therefore, it is quite expensive.

However, all of the student reviews are really positive and can be found here on the UK Open College website. Each course provides you with a home study pack, to assist you with your learning.

10. Oxford Learning College

To study A-Levels in this course, there are actually no entry requirements! You just have to be ready to learn and prepare yourselves to put in one hundred percent effort.

All courses are supported by tutors 24/7 who you can contact whenever you need help. Oxford Learning College is also a very long-standing course. It has been teaching students for over twenty years!

There are a range of courses on this website. This course offers a range of A-Level subjects and also AS Level subjects, if you don’t want to do the full two years. However, you could do an A-Level subject in just one year if you sign up for the fast-track course.

Oxford Learning College offers science subjects, including A-Level Biology, A-Level Chemistry and A-Level Physics.

However, this course also offers lesser known subjects, such as A-Level Accounting or A-Level Law. There are also essay based subjects you could do, such as A-Level History or A-Level English Literature.

You can discover the full scope of the subjects on the Oxford Learning College website if you click here. To do a course for one A-Level, the price would approximately be £395.00. This covers the full two years.

An AS Level course costs approximately £215 for the one year. The site also offers resources which you can buy. For example, you could get your past papers marked by a professional for £40.00.

Students who took part in this course were asked to leave reviews. It was found that 36.9% of students said that the online course was easier compared to in-person learning.

This was more than the 34% that believed that in person learning was easier. You can find out more about this on the Oxford Learning College Blog here.

What is an online A-Level course?

Now you’ve got a list of student ranked online A-Level courses you may want to know more about them. Online A-Level courses are simply courses which you can study online! They are easily accessible and allow you to study the A-Levels you want to and hopefully, get the grades you need!

Online A-Level courses are especially useful for those students who may not have got the grades that they wanted after learning at school. Therefore, online A-Level courses give these students a second chance and a new way to learn.

These courses are extremely accessible and flexible, allowing students to study at times which suit them the best. Online A-Level courses are often shorter too.

You will still be provided with high quality teaching and learn all of the content you need. However, you will most likely be ready to sit your exam quicker than other students.

This is especially true if you are only studying one A-Level. However, it is recommended for you to do more. Check out this article from Think Student to see why.

Online A-Level courses do cost money. Therefore, you do need to make sure that you put all your effort into learning, to get the best possible results.

List of online A-Level courses

There are many different online A-Level courses. 17 of these courses are mentioned below:

  • Distance Learning Centre
  • Learn Now
  • Cloud Learn
  • The National Extension College
  • Oxford Open Learning
  • UK Open College
  • Open Study College
  • Wolsey Hall Oxford
  • ICS Learn
  • Oxford College
  • Oxbridge Home Learning
  • Oxford Learning College
  • Oxford Home Study
  • Oxford Home Schooling
  • Online Learning College
  • IT Online Learning
  • The Course Mix

As you can see, it can be hard to decide which course to choose! If you have any experience with these courses, answer this poll if you want to let others know which course is the best. We would love to hear your opinion!

Which online A-Level provider do you think is the best?
Our goal is to update this article as regularly as possible so that it acts as a reflection of current student opinion on the topic. That means we'd really appreciate you taking a few seconds to give us your opinion.

* This poll is anonymous. Only your vote and the time it was submitted will be sent to Think Student Ltd.
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2 years ago

Shocked Learn Now aren’t on the list.

Reply to  Isobel
2 years ago

I really want to study with them but I have mixed feelings about them since I saw some bad reviews on Trustpilot :< I would appreciate if you gave me your opinion, if you studies with them!

Reply to  Vanessa
2 years ago

Also would like to hear more about Learn Now…

2 years ago

Wouldnt touch some of them with a barge poll.

Reply to  James
2 years ago

which ones would you recommend?

Reply to  James
1 year ago

Which ones would you recommend for A level Physics, and which ones should I avoid?


10 months ago

In my experience you should be mindful that some places pay for reviews. If you sort them by worst and they are getting alot of negative, they are probably paying for good ones to filter out the bad ones!