Top 10 Best Online A-Level Courses – Student Ranking for 2022

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By the time students have finished their GCSEs at age 16, many feel bored with the classroom way of learning their content. A-Levels are an opportunity to progress your learning by focusing on three or four of the subjects you enjoy the most. But there are many students who feel that they would rather study in a different way for their A-Levels than they did for their GCSEs, and one of these ways is to take their course(s) online! 

If you feel like you still don’t know which A-Levels to pick, you might want to check out another one of our articles listed below:  

Although none of these courses will be free, there will be differences in the price ranges of each provider – some are cheaper than others. So, if you are concerned about how much your course(s) will cost, then you should research the best course providers at the lowest prices. Some online course providers may even offer bursaries or scholarships for those with financial difficulties, so it is worth a look.  

Online A-Level courses are widely available from so many different providers, but which are the best ones for you and the subject you want to study? Here are my picks for the best online A-Level Courses.   

Disclaimer: this list is the representation of one student’s opinion and is not to be taken as fact. There are many other online courses that would be great but didn’t make this list so please do your research. 

10. Distance Learning Centre

Distance Learning Centre is one of the leading providers of online self-study in the UK. They pride themselves in their wide range of courses they have available, and the resources which they are able to provide in order to aid your learning.  

Almost all of DLC’s courses will earn you an Ofqual certified qualification, so even if you think that an A-Level isn’t for you, you can try another form of qualification that fits your needs such as an AS-Level.  

The main types of courses which Distance Learning Centre advertises are Health and Social Care, Information Technology, Business and Counselling and Psychology. There are also courses involving Childcare and Teaching available. Inside each of these categories are plenty of different specific courses for any level ranging from GCSE to A-Level. The DLC will send you the materials you need to complete your course, and you will have a tutor available to you at any time! 

On the Distance Learning Centre’s website, you can see the courses available to you at a glance, complete with how many hours the course will approximately take, and how much each course costs.  

If you feel that fees may be a problem for you, then DLC has a payment scheme in which you can pay in instalments. Like most online study programs, DLC allows you to study at your own pace. 

For more information, check out the ‘How It Works’ tab on the Distance Learning Centre’s website. 

9. CloudLearn

CloudLearn is another course provider which students can take online, at their own pace. One of the great things about this provider is the wide range of subjects they offer, and the levels that they offer them at.  

Courses are provided at A-Level in many subjects including Biology, Maths and English. 

If you are looking to study any of these subjects at A-Level, but feel you want to try learning a different way, then CloudLearn has you covered! Plus, if you are an NHS staff member or a key worker, you are entitled to a 10% discount on any course you pick! 

Another benefit of choosing CloudLearn is the fact that you can study anywhere you want, as long as you have a device – CloudLearn is available on not only your laptop/computer, but your phone and tablets too! This makes it so easy to progress with your learning on the go.  

CloudLearn gives you the opportunity to pick when you think you will be able to take your exam, and the course material you think that you need on a flexible plan – you can change your mind at any time. They also offer an ‘exam only’ option, which means that you can simply pay to take the exam there and then.  

For more information about CloudLearn, check out their website. 

8. The National Extension College (NEC)

The National Extension College offers not only A-Levels courses, but AS-Levels and Fast Track A-Levels as well! NEC have been teaching at-home courses for over 55 years and offers many A-Level subjects. They offer Classical Civilisation, History of Art and Religious Studies along with other, more commonly taken subjects like all three of the sciences, History and Maths.  

NEC has an incredibly high success rate for their candidates – for example, 97.5% of their students received grades A*- C grades in A-Level Biology in 2020, and 100% received the same for A-Level History in 2020.  

Although the course fees are larger than some of the other provider’s fees on this list, the pass rates speak for themselves. If you want the best chance of passing your A-Levels you can get, then the National Extension College is the place to go.  

If you want some more information about the National Extension College and the courses it provides, then check out the A-Level page on their website.

7. Oxford Open Learning

Oxford Open Learning is a very well-regarded course provider for A-Levels, GCSEs and iGCSEs. Like at Sixth Form College, the A-Level course is split into two years, the AS year and the A2 year.  

Oxford Open Learning offers their students the choice of whether they take the AS-Level at the end of their first year or carry on with the second year to complete their full qualification. This is a great thing, as it allows you to stay flexible while learning and ensures that you don’t feel obligated to carry on with your course for longer than you want to. 

Oxford Open Learning offer a wide range of A-Level subjects and the prices start from around £475 for one standard A-Level. Like the Distance Learning Centre, these fees are able to be paid in instalments (for one standard A-Level, 8 instalments of £47.50). For more information about A-Level course fees with Oxford Open Learning, check out their Course Prices on their website. 

6. UK Open College

The UK Open College, not unlike the Distance Learning Centre, specialise in A-Level courses surrounding Childcare, Teaching and Counselling, but that isn’t to say that they don’t offer other options too! Business, psychology and beauty courses are also available should you want to study them!  

Not only do the UK Open College offer course for students taking their A-Levels and GCSEs for the first time, but they also offer courses designed for those wanted to re sit their exams if they did not receive the results, they wanted to on their first try.  

This provider has no entry requirements for their most of their courses, which means that their services are accessible for all, regardless of ability. They also welcome students of any age – who says you have to take your A-Levels at 18?  

The prices of courses at the UK Open College really do vary depending on course length and the subject which you are studying, so it is best to check on their website yourself to see which courses interest you and whether they are within your budget. You can check out the UK Open College’s website for more information.  

5. Open Study College

The Open Study College currently offer 20 different A-Level courses! Once again, the fees for these courses can be paid in instalments to save you unnecessary financial stress or can be paid fully upfront 

If you were to choose a science A-Level with the Open Study College, you would be provided with not only the standard course material given with every course, but the information you need to study required practicals for your course as well! 

The Open Study College are also currently offering discounts on their courses as of April 2021.  

If you would like to check out what each of the A-Level courses which the Open Study College provides includes, check out their A-Level page. This is where you can find comprehensive lists of the content included in each subject available! 

4. Wolsey Hall Oxford

Wolsey Hall Oxford is another extremely well-regarded online A-Level course provider. Something to note about this provider are the entry requirements they have for their A-Level study programs. For any A-Level course you want to take with Wolsey Hall Oxford, you must have a Grade 4 or above in both GCSE Mathematics and GCSE English Language. As well as this, the providers also have course requirements depending on which subjects you plan on taking. You can see the course requirements for each A-Level on their course requirement page. 

Another thing to note about Wolsey Hall Oxford is their passion for not only teaching students in the UK, but those around the world looking to gain their qualifications. Students from South Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Zimbabwe have taken part in Wolsey Hall’s courses and achieved excellent grades! 

Wolsey Hall Oxford offers many courses. Each subject being taught by Wolsey Hall has a team of dedicated tutors ready to help you should you need it, so you won’t be left alone to struggle! 

If you want to find out more about Wolsey Hall Oxford for your online A-Levels, check out their website.

3. ICS Learn (International Correspondence School)

ICS Learn offers courses at a wide range of levels, of course including A-Level! They have a 98% pass rate for their A-Level courses. 

Although ICS do not offer the same range of subjects as other providers on this list do, they do offer completely focused learning. This means that they provide one to one tutoring with a fully qualified tutor at any time and support right up until your results day. ICS also have their own app which means that it is easy to study on the go with your phone or tablet, not just your laptop.  

ICS do not offer A-Level courses in Biology, Chemistry or Physics, so if you are looking to study something like medicine in the future, this is probably not the place for you to study. You may want to check out the other course providers on this list which may be more suited to your needs.  

With ICS, you can either sit your final exam in an exam hall with other students, or online in a timed, invigilated environment at home – it is completely up to you! 

You can check out ICS Learn on their website. 

2. Oxford College

Oxford College offers A-Level courses with three exam boards – AQA, Edexcel and OCR. This means that if you are used to the way questions were asked on previous exams you have taken (maybe your GCSEs), then you can continue with the exam board you were using then to make the transition from GCSE to A-Level smoother and easier.  

Like many other online course providers, Oxford College offers the choice of taking an AS-Level if you decide to at the end of your first year so that you are not stuck studying something that you do not enjoy or in case you have other plans for after your studying which do not require full A-Levels.  

The subjects available to study at A-Level with Oxford College are extremely varied – they even offer Ancient History and Classical Civilisation, which are great to take if you are interested in History and English. 

The materials given to you when you decide to study with Oxford College can be increased depending on how much support you need. If you feel like you need extra assistance with your course, then you can choose to have additional materials given to you at an extra cost.  

There are no course requirements for the A-Levels which Oxford College offer, making them accessible to all! 

Interested in Oxford College for your online A-Levels? Check out their website! 

1. Oxbridge Home Learning

Oxbridge Home Learning is the most popular provider for not just online A-Level courses, but other qualifications too such as GCSEs, Accounting, Beauty Therapy and Teaching as well as many, many more.  

Oxbridge Home Learning even offer a bundle for those looking to study both GCSE and A-Level Maths, with a lower than usual price of £945. The price of these courses speak for the results which candidates are getting at the end of each exam year – if you want the best results, regardless of how much it costs, then Oxbridge Home Learning is the place to go for all of your studying needs. According to their website, 33% of Oxbridge Learning students achieve a grade A or above in their A-Levels. 

Like all online A-Level courses, the hours and prices will vary depending on the course duration, materials provided and the subject you have chosen.  

If you choose to use Oxbridge Home Learning for your online courses, you will be provided with unlimited tutor support – this means that you will be assigned your own personal course tutor from day one, ready to assist you in any way you need, whether it be advice with your course or a concept you need help understanding! This support programme will run for the entire duration of your course. 

As if the great results weren’t enough, by studying with Oxbridge Home Learning, you are eligible for student discounts just like any other college student! 

If you want to check out Oxbridge Home Learning for your A-Levels, visit their website! 


There we have it! Those were my top 10 picks for the best courses for taking your A-Levels! Of course, there are plenty more providers that were not even mentioned on this list, so it is important to do your own research before picking your provider – you never know, there may be course you did not know was available to you which you would love to study!

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts on online A-Levels and their provider below, especially if you have your own experiences with them.

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Always found really professional

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Shocked Learn Now aren’t on the list.

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I really want to study with them but I have mixed feelings about them since I saw some bad reviews on Trustpilot :< I would appreciate if you gave me your opinion, if you studies with them!

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Also would like to hear more about Learn Now…

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Wouldnt touch some of them with a barge poll.

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which ones would you recommend?