Can You Retake GCSE Maths at University?

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Some students may find themselves in a situation whereby they are in university but still need to retake some of their GCSE’s, in particular their maths GCSE. This article aims to discuss if and how you can retake your GCSE Maths qualification.

GCSE Maths along with GCSE English is compulsory to have at least a pass grade to get into university. If you don’t have a pass in these GCSE subjects, you must retake them to get into university. If you managed to get into university on the provisor you retake your GCSE Maths, it would not be part of the university curriculum. You would be taking classes separate from your university degree in the evening at a local college, or via online classes.

If you would like to find out more information on how you can retake GCSE Maths at university, please keep reading.

Can you retake GCSE Maths at university?

Unfortunately, GCSE Maths along with GCSE English is compulsory to have at least a pass grade. If you don’t have a pass in these GCSE subjects, you must retake them to get into university. Click here to find out more about how many GCSEs you need to get into university.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to retake your Maths GCSE at university your first step is to let your university know. You should start by sending an email to your tutor. If you get no reply, then email someone else at your university. This could be your head of course or Student union representative. Universities have people there to provide some extra support and guidance to you. They will be very familiar with the process and will take you through it completely. 

The person you contact at your universities may even be able to refer you to some lecturers or older students that can help you with your revision. I recommend you read this article to find out tips on how to revise for your GCSE Maths exam.

As well as contacting your university to retake your GCSE Maths you could also apply for retaking your exams independently. Seeing as retaking your exams will be outside of your university timetable you can apply to do this online instead. There are many online courses whereby you can learn the content and take the exams. ISC Learn is an example of an online company that you could sit your GCSE Maths with.

Where do you retake your GCSE Maths exam?

You will not be retaking your maths GCSE at your university. Although, they may have some classes you could take to help with revision. When it comes to retaking the exam again it would be in person, either at a school where you would be registered as an external candidate, or you could take it at a local college.

Depending on your schedule and availability, you could take classes online or have night classes at a local college. If you are really struggling and would prefer a one-on-one approach you could have a private tutorTake a look here to check out an online private tutor company.

When do you take your GCSE Maths exam?

The exam period for formal GCSE exams is in May and June. Resits take place at the same time as the normal exam season, as well as for an additional period in November and January.

There is no exact date for when you would do your GCSEs. This is because each student will have exams on different days, depending on the subject they chose. Also, the exam season is so long because most students will have at least 7 subjects and there could be 2 or even more exams for each subject. 

Students start learning content for their GCSEs in year 9, but the majority of the teaching begins in year 10. From year 7 to year 9, you are essentially learning the basics that will form the foundation that will help when it comes to doing your GCSEs in Year 11. 

Students are normally 16 years old at the time of the GCSE Maths exam, although some students may be given the option to do the exam early. Students may have this option if they are ‘gifted and talented’ and seem to be excelling in their classwork and the class exams. Students could do their Maths GCSE as early as year 8 or year 9, depending on how prepared they may feel.

Can you retake GCSE Maths multiple times? 

Resitting your Maths GCSE is actually compulsory if you didn’t pass. You are able to re-sit as many times as you like.

With the current grading system, grade 5 is considered a pass. As is grade 4, although it is technically a low pass. As long as a student achieves grade 4 in their maths GCSE, they would not need to re-sit their exam.

However, some students may choose to re-sit their exams because they want to get a better grade, although this isn’t essential. This would be a particularly good idea if the university course you are applying for requires specific results.

If you’re interested in GCSE resits you can read this article for further information. Also, it is good to know that you can resit your GCSE Maths at any age, click here to find out more.

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