When is Freshers’ Week 2024?

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Before you start university, you may be worrying about making friends. This can definitely be difficult, especially as you probably won’t know anybody if you are leaving your hometown. Instead, you will be exposed to so many different people, all from different backgrounds. This is why universities have freshers’ week! This gives you an opportunity to socialise and get comfortable at your new home. Knowing when it occurs is very important to make sure that you won’t miss it!

Every year, freshers’ week usually begins towards the end of September. This is true for most universities, however some may start freshers’ week earlier if they actually want it to last for two weeks. Freshers’ week may even extend into October, depending on the university. Many universities will have information about freshers’ week for 2024 available on their websites – the most common dates for this are Monday 18th to Friday 22nd September 2024, with some universities using the week after this.

If you want to find out more about when freshers’ week is and discover more information about it, carry on reading!

When is university freshers’ week?

As already stated, freshers’ week usually occurs during the start of the first term of university. Most universities choose freshers’ week to happen towards the end of September. However, this depends on each individual university.

For example, Oxbridge universities often have freshers’ week extend after September, into October. More information about when freshers’ week is can be found on this article from the Bright Network website.

Why does freshers’ week happen at this time?

Freshers’ week must happen before any classes have started. This means that it has to occur at the start of the year, so you can make friends before having to worry about university work.

It is also important for freshers’ week to happen at this time because one of the main purposes of this week is to register all students. The registration sessions offered by each university are compulsory.

You will be given introductory and welcome talks. This is the time when you are also most likely to receive your student card.

You are also introduced to societies, and it is more beneficial to join university societies from the very start of your experience there. To find out more about university societies, check out this article from Think Student. Therefore, freshers’ week has to happen at the start of the university year.

What is university freshers’ week?

Freshers’ week is also known as ‘welcome week’. This is the first week of the university year and its purpose is for the students to socialise. It allows the students, known as ‘freshers’, to get to know their housemates and the people they will be spending time with.

The students will also be introduced to the university and be able to explore the area. Freshers’ week involves many activities, such as campus tours, library tours and welcome tours. Students will also have the opportunity to attend the freshers’ fair.

This is where students can socialise and sign up to the different societies. Overall, it is a really fun week and one you will probably remember forever.

To find out more about freshers week check out this Think Student article.

Why should you go to freshers’ week?

Freshers’ week is so important to go to because it allows you to be introduced to the university and will hopefully help you feel more relaxed. It allows you to make new friends and socialise without having the worries of university assignments.

You can also be very productive during freshers’ week, such as registering for your local doctor’s surgery and registering to vote. It can also be useful to familiarise yourself with your new environment, such as finding your local supermarket and getting your living space ready.

It is also a time to ask questions and to find out information, such as where you can get pastoral support. Therefore, freshers’ week is not only a time for partying, it is a time to help you get set up for your new student life.

You can find some tips on how to navigate freshers’ week by reading this article from the University Compare website.

However, if you are worried about making friends at university and find that you can’t, check out this article from Think Student to discover some helpful tips.

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