What is a Pre-University Summer School?

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As the summer slowly approaches, many students will want to relax and completely wipe out school from their minds. Others, however, may want to continue to push themselves with their studies. For instance, others may attend summer schools. Some may choose to join a pre-university summer schools. But what exactly is a pre-university summer school?

To put it briefly, pre-university summer schools are programmes universities or external companies run during the summer. They consist of several weeks of teaching various programmes and classes with a range of topics. For students in sixth form or college, this is a great way to experience a taster of what university life is like and provides a glimpse into the next stage of education.

While this may have given you a brief overview of what pre-university summer school is, it may be helpful to read on for more information about it.

What is a pre-university summer program?

Pre-university summer programmes are an advanced type of summer school. They are typically attended in the summer between Year 12 and Year 13.

Some may be run by the university, others by external companies, but typically they’re both found to be equally as valuable.

Pre-university summer programmes are more likely to be subject specific. You apply, choose your subject you want to focus on and attend classes in, and overall, the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed. After all, you are not a student yet!

However, most companies and universities offer a larger range of subjects. This makes the programme a lot broader for the attendees! It is therefore important to check with the provider and research different types of programmes to find the one best for you.

Pre-university summer schools can be greatly beneficial to those attending. Not only can they offer valuable insight into how further education is run for students, it’s also in a calmer atmosphere than the more hectic term-time.

Additionally, some of the lectures will be repeated later, and it’s always nice having a preview of the information.

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What is a pre-university student?

A pre-university student is simply a student who is in the period before attending university, usually one or two years before.

Pre-university students can choose to kick start their education using pre-university summer programmes. Although it isn’t necessary, it can be greatly beneficial. For one, it’s a lot easier to transition to university life!

What is pre-enrolment?

What can you do to prepare for university as a pre-university student who’s already applied and been accepted? One of the most important things is pre-enrolment! Pre-enrolment is a quick, easy, typically online task where the aspiring applicant simply confirms their personal details, as well as details about their chosen programmes.

Universities will offer pre-enrolment depending on the programme, but once you’re fully enrolled it lets you access more support and facilities if needed. Once you’re accepted and pass the statutory checks set by the university, most programmes will send an email containing all the necessary information.

To see an example of what pre-enrolment looks like, check out this article explaining pre-enrolment looks like at UCL!

Pre-university vs regular summer school

Some students may be curious about the difference between pre-university summer school and the regular edition. The main difference is that pre-university summer schools tend to be a lot more subject specific than regular ones.

Both pre-university and regular summer schools operate in order to prepare students for their next stages of education. As well as this, both types can often be found online as well, which can make the schedules for lectures and classes a lot more flexible. That is, however, where those similarities end.

Pre-university summer schools are more serious than regular summer schools. After all, these summer schools are run for students who about to enter university, not students about to enter secondary school.

This means that pre-university summer schools also cost a lot more than summer school! After all, there is a higher demand for pre-university summer school rather than regular summer school, since the former often offers help with university applications and is overall a lot more significant.

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How much is a pre-university summer school?

One disadvantage concerning pre-university summer school would definitely be the price for the average pre-university student.

While regular summer schools run by secondary schools are usually free (or greatly subsidised to reduce the cost for parents), summer schools run by universities tend to be on the more expensive side, especially if accommodations and catering is involved.

Summer schools run by business can cost thousands per session, particularly if the focus of the summer school is helping students with university applications.

There is generally a high demand for pre-university summer schools due to candidates for university wanting the best possible chances.

Some weekend sessions for summer school can cost significantly less (some weekend courses are offered for approximately £100).

However, there are some exceptions! Some universities offer “widening participation” courses to individual students to attend summer residential courses about top universities and how to submit applications.

While pre-university summer school can be greatly beneficial to students looking to better their chances, it is also may come with a hefty price tag attached.

Summer schools aren’t necessary, so while your preparation may be improved with them, it is always important to weigh up the pros and cons of the summer schools.

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