Top 9 Holiday Destinations For Students

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If you’re a student in the UK, you know how bad British weather is! It definitely doesn’t make for good holiday weather. That’s why most students choose to go abroad in the holidays, whether it be summer, winter or spring. Every student knows the restrictions of travelling as a student – money and time. If you’re struggling for ideas on where to go for your holidays, look no further!

This article will be taking you through the top 9 places to go on holiday as a student. For all the top destinations for your holiday, keep reading!

9. Ibiza, Spain

According to this guide by Trip Advisor, Ibiza is one of Europe’s “favourite nightlife playgrounds”. Ibiza has a huge clubbing and party scene, so if that sounds like your thing, this is an ideal destination. You can see why it’d be popular with students!

Ibiza also generally has stunning views and great food, so if you’d prefer a more culture-oriented holiday, it’s a good choice!

The safety of Ibiza is something you should consider. A PubMed study found that over a 1-2 week stay, 32% of people used multiple drugs and 26% of people had unprotected sex.

If Ibiza sounds appealing to you, make sure to take the correct measures to stay safe. The emergency number in Ibiza is 112 (equivalent to the UK 999).

8. Greece

Greece is a dream destination for a lot of students. It’s sunny, hot, has great food and rich history, not to mention beautiful scenery!

It’s also cheap, which is good news for students. This article by KAYAK states that some hostels in Athens have prices as low as £15 a night!

However, if you’re planning days out, or seeking a nice tan, a holiday in Greece outside of the summer months may not be a good idea. You can read more about university holidays in this Think Student article.

7. The USA

A student holiday to the USA might not be the first thing you think of. However, I wouldn’t write it off as impossible! This might surprise you, but it can actually be done rather cheaply.

Look here on the holiday website Trivago where, as of January 2023, it is possible to find a 3-star, 8.5/10 hotel for £65 a night for two guests! That’s as cheap as some holidays to European countries, so it’s a steal for an intercontinental trip.

However, the reason the USA ranks at number 7 on my list is that it’s very difficult – and pricey – to travel within the country. It takes upwards of 8 hours just to travel to the next state by car. You’d need a strict itinerary before you travelled!

6. Thailand

Like the USA, Thailand might not be the first destination you think of as a student. It definitely seems like it wouldn’t fit most people’s budgets. While I do admit it’s the most expensive on this list, it’s actually cheaper than you think.

Click here to go to the Student Universe website where, as of January 2023, it is possible to find flights to Bangkok, Thailand for £620, including a return flight. It certainly isn’t the cheapest, but the reason Thailand makes the list is that this is by far the most expensive part of the holiday.

Food, accommodation and travel within Thailand is actually very cheap due to conversion rates. You can explore Thailand’s stunning views and amazing food for a fraction of your travel costs! If you weren’t considering before, you definitely should now.

5. Germany

Germany is already a popular choice for students studying abroad, but it also makes for a great holiday. Alongside its rich history and culture, this article by Babbel states that Germany has the highest number of English speakers outside of the UK. For UK students, Germany is very accessible.

Having personally been to Berlin on a solo trip, I definitely recommend it. I spoke only a little German, but I was able to navigate the Metro system! Locals were incredibly friendly and helped me whenever I asked, so you won’t feel alone, even if you’re travelling alone.

Urban Student Life also puts Germany as one of their top student destinations. For more on this, check out this page on their website. You can find flights to Berlin in the summer for as cheap as £80 as of January 2023.

4. Travelling within the UK

There are so many hidden beauty spots and amazing cities within the UK, so you don’t even have to leave the country to go on holiday! If you’re travelling on a budget, the UK is still a great holiday option.

Any student between 16-25 can apply for a student railcard, which UKCISA states provides students with a 30% discount on train travel. That’s actually quite a significant amount, and it definitely means you can travel more for less. For more on this, check out this guide on their website.

Popular places to visit within the UK are National Parks like the Lake District, or beautiful cities like Edinburgh, Scotland!

3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a well-known student favourite. No matter your interest, you’ll probably find something in Amsterdam to suit you – whether it’s arts, culture, food, or sightseeing!

It’s also quite a liberal city, which makes it good for nightlife. For this reason, Amsterdam is definitely the place for a holiday with friends, but you can also have a great time travelling solo.

Student Beans, a popular student discount website, states that an average weekend trip to Amsterdam can cost as little as £60. That’s only about £180 for a week! For more on this, check out this article by Student Beans.

Busy and cheap, Amsterdam seems like it’s the place to be for students. I personally know many people who have been and have said it’s been one of their favourite places to visit.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark has been in the Forbes top 20 happiest countries list for multiple years, and there’s a good reason for it. Copenhagen is an ideal holiday for anyone, not just students! To learn more about the top 20 happiest countries list, check out this article by Forbes.

It is a bit pricier than other holidays, with a week’s stay for 1 person costing around £600 as of January 2023, which you can find on EasyJet here. However, it’s definitely worth it if you can afford it.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city, with lots of green space and more bike-users than cars. It also has fairly nice weather, but it’s nice any time of year.

Having personally been to Denmark, I would recommend it to anyone!

1. Interrail

Okay, so Interrail isn’t a destination, but what makes this my number 1 pick is that it’s great value for money. It’s one of the most popular travel methods for students, and I know plenty of my friends have done interrail trips.

The average cost is around €1,500 euro, so you might have to work for it, but it’s worth it!

Interrail Eurail offers 14-day package trips around Europe. For example, although their ‘The Euro Trip’ package costs almost €2,000, it covers France, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Czechia, Germany and The Netherlands!

A lot of students choose to interrail, so it’s very likely that you’ll meet other students along the way. It’s a great opportunity to make international friends!

A downside for most students though is that you don’t get to choose your itinerary, or where you stay. If you want a very personalised holiday, it might not be for you.

Interrail is definitely expensive, so it isn’t the most accessible holiday. However, it is definitely good value for money, so it works out in the long-term.

If your aim is to visit as many places as possible with good experiences, Interrail is definitely something you should consider. It’s also a great choice if you want to holiday with friends, but a solo trip can also be fun. To learn more about Interrail, check out this page on its website.

*Please note that the information in this article is true to January 2023.

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