How To Apply For Grammar School?

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Nowadays, there are so many different application processes you need to be aware of. For example, it is necessary for people to fill out applications for a bank or a job. Applying to go to a secondary school is no different and this process can be seen as quite confusing. Especially for Grammar schools! This is because applying to a Grammar school is different from applying to a Comprehensive school.

Before you can even think about applying to a Grammar school, you must make sure that you are prepared to take the 11 Plus exam. This is the only way you can get into a Grammar school. Normally, you can apply by contacting individual schools in order to receive an application form. Some schools also require interviews which are used to assess whether you are well suited to attending the school.

Applying to a Grammar school involves many different parts. If you want to discover the different processes involved in applying in more detail, then read on so you can be sure that you are following the correct procedure.

How do you get into Grammar school?

You have probably heard of something called the 11 plus exam. This is not a compulsory exam that every student has to take. However, it is essential that students who want to go to a Grammar school sit it. This is because without taking the 11 Plus exam, you are unable to even have your application considered.

This is due to the fact that Grammar schools only look for students who have high academic abilities. Therefore, only students who pass the 11 Plus exam are able to get into the Grammar school. As you can probably imagine, this means that the 11 Plus exam is very difficult, therefore only a small amount of students pass it each year. Click here to be taken to a Think Student article about this if you want to find out more about the pass rate.

The difficulty of the exam reduces the amount of students who apply to Grammar schools. This means that the schools are able to make sure that they are only accepting the most academically successful students. To find out more about the 11 Plus exam, click here to read an article about it on Think Student.

However, this is only the first step in the process of applying to a Grammar school. You will also have to fill out different applications. There may also be other factors that affect whether you are accepted or rejected by the school.

What is the Grammar school application process?

To apply to Comprehensive schools, you must fill out an application with all of your details. If you live in the catchment area or not too far away, you are guaranteed to get in! However, Grammar schools only accept students who have passed the 11 plus exam. This makes them different from other schools. To find out more about why they are different, check out this article on Think Student.

Before you sit this exam, you must first apply to your chosen Grammar schools. This can be done by contacting the school to receive a form which you can fill in. This is the parent’s responsibility.

However, before this, you must remember to also fill in a document called the “Local Education Authority” school form. This form is important because it lets the Local Education Authority know that you are thinking about applying to a Grammar school. If you do not fill this form in, then there is no chance of the student gaining a place at the Grammar school.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you have filled in all of the necessary forms. Even if you do pass the 11 Plus exam, there is a chance that you will be rejected if you haven’t filled in the right documents. There is also likely to be a deadline for when these applications need to be completed, so fill them out as soon as possible!

When should you start applying to Grammar school?

Usually, there is a deadline for applications to Grammar schools. These can vary between different schools in different areas. For example, the application deadline for a Grammar school as of 2022 in Birmingham was 30th June. This was for 2023 entry. The test results normally come out in mid-October and the offers are only given to students in March. More information about this can be found on the tutoring service website if you click here.

Therefore, there is a wide gap between applications and offers. You may be thinking that because the offers only come out in March for this particular school, you can apply during this time. As you can see, this is not the case! You should start applying to Grammar school as soon as possible. To make sure that you are applying to the best schools possible, thoroughly research the different schools in your area. For more information about when to apply, click this link to read an article on Think Student which answers this in more detail.

What factors affect whether you get into Grammar school?

After you have applied to Grammar school and passed the 11 Plus exam, you may be thinking that you have got in, right? This is not correct! This is because Grammar schools actually take a lot of other factors into account, which may affect whether you will be accepted or not.

For example, religion can play a major part. If the Grammar school is religious, they are more likely to only accept students who have the same Religion that the school believes in. Another factor is talent. Sometimes, students are chosen if they have a rare gift in art, or sport for example. Finally, some Grammar schools have partnered schools. This means that they are more likely to give priority to students from this partnered school, compared to students from others.

There are other variables that could increase or decrease the likelihood of your application being accepted or not. Therefore, you need to take these factors into account when choosing which Grammar school to go to. Also make sure that you are applying to Comprehensive schools at the same time, just in case you don’t get into the Grammar school.

How can you decide which Grammar school to apply to?

The most important thing to do is to make sure that you are well informed about the particular Grammar school or range of Grammar schools that you are applying to. On the preference sheet you will fill out for preferred schools, make sure you name multiple schools. This is because you may not be accepted into your dream Grammar school. Grammar schools are so oversubscribed, that it is unlikely that you will immediately get your first choice.

You are not limited to applying to one Grammar school. Therefore, make sure that you know as much as you can about a number of different schools, so that you can add the best ones for you on your preference list.

Some Grammar schools specialise in certain subjects, for example, a school may specialise in science. If you are interested in this subject, then a school specialising in this would be a great option for you. Also try to attend open days that the school offers, as this will allow you to gain a real understanding of what attending the Grammar school you are visiting would be like.

When do you start Grammar school?

After all of the application processes, you can finally feel relief when you are accepted and can attend the Grammar school of your choice. Grammar schools work in the same way as normal, Comprehensive schools. Therefore, students will start attending the school in September. This is the start of the new school year. Depending on different birthdays, students tend to start a Grammar school when they are eleven years old.  However, some older students may start when they are twelve years old.

Transitioning from a primary school to a secondary school can be an extremely overwhelming experience, especially when dealing with the pressures of a Grammar school. You must tell someone if you ever feel anxious and upset and remind yourself that everyone there is probably feeling similar emotions to you. To help you deal with any negative emotions when starting Grammar school, check out this article on Think Student.

As you can see, applying to a Grammar school is more stressful than applying to a Comprehensive school. This is because you will also have to sit the 11 Plus exam, which can be a very stressful experience. To make sure that you are more prepared, make sure that you complete as many practise papers as you can. Tutors can also be very helpful.

Hopefully, this article has outlined the different processes involved in applying to a Grammar school so that you are able to understand. Always remember that if you don’t get into a Grammar school, it is not the end of the world. Comprehensive schools can be very good too! As long as you work hard and try your best, it doesn’t matter what school you go to.

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