How Often Are Bursaries Paid At University?

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When students start university, they may be shocked at how many expenses there really are. Therefore, it can be extremely useful to receive a bursary. There are many different types of bursaries you can be given at university, which can definitely help financially. However, when each type of bursary is paid out differs depending on what the bursary is for. It can be useful to know when you will be receiving your bursary. After all, you can then plan your spending!

How often bursaries are paid at university depends on the type of bursary you are receiving and/or the university you are attending. Some bursaries are paid in one chunk at the start of the year. However, other types of bursaries are paid in instalments throughout the year, allowing organisations to check to see that students are still completing the course before all of the bursary is given.

I appreciate that this was a general answer to how often bursaries are paid at university, however more information is provided below when discussing specific bursary types.

When are bursaries generally paid at university?

As already stated, when university bursaries are paid out depends on each individual university and course. It can also depend on the type of bursary you may be receiving. If you are not quite sure what a bursary is, check out this article from Think Student.

Some bursaries are given to students by individual universities, meaning that when they are paid out depends on each university. These are known as ‘HEI bursaries’ and you can read about them in more detail if you check out this article from Think Student.

A common group of bursaries from universities are known as the ‘hardship funds’. These are given to university students who may be struggling financially.

This could be as a result of coming from a disadvantaged background, suffering with a disability or being a dependent. You can find out more about the hardship funds if you check out this page from the government website.

When you will receive these types of bursaries are dependent on the university. For example, the University of Brighton pays its bursaries in two instalments, one in January and one in May. You can find out more on their website here.

In comparison, other bursaries are not dependent on universities and are paid at the same time to everyone. This is the case with the NHS Learning Support Fund, which you can read more about on their website here.

When are NHS bursaries paid at university?

There are specific types of NHS bursaries that different types of students are eligible for. The most known NHS bursary is for students who are doing medical or dental courses in their later years. This NHS bursary will be paid to you in 12 equal instalments throughout the year.

Another NHS bursary is the NHS Learning Support Fund. It is given to students who are studying to be in allied health professions. The most common form of this bursary is the training grant, allowing students to gain up to £5,000 each year of their study.

This NHS Learning Support Fund is paid throughout three instalments throughout the year; payment happens in semester one, semester two and the third in semester three. The first two payments are £1,650 and the last instalment is £1,700.

You can find out more about the different NHS bursaries if you check out this article from Save The Student. These bursaries do not come from university, meaning that all students eligible for these bursaries should receive them at the same time.

When are teacher’s bursaries paid at university?

You may be eligible for a bursary if you are completing a teacher training course. However, the amount of bursary money you receive is dependent on the subject course you are doing.

You will be given the first payment during the first day of the month after your course date. The bursary will then be paid in equal instalments every month throughout the year. You can find out more about the teacher training bursary if you check out this page from the government website.

Teacher’s bursaries were put into action by the government to get more students into teaching. Therefore, when this is paid out is not specific to each university.

When are disabled student’s bursaries paid at university?

The Disabled Student’s Allowance is a bursary given to students whose ability to study may be affected by their disability. The amount you would receive depends exactly on how much you will need for specialist equipment that will help you with your studying.

The Disabled Student’s Allowance is paid slightly differently to other bursaries. This is because it is often paid to you as a reimbursement after you have paid for equipment. Therefore, there doesn’t seem to be set dates where this is paid out.

You can choose your DSA to be paid to you as a reimbursement or get it directly sent to the supplier company. You can find out more about the DSA if you read this guide from Save The Student.

When are childcare bursaries paid at university?

If you have a child that is financially dependent on you, you could be eligible for the childcare allowance. If you are accepted to receive this support, you could receive up to 85% of your childcare costs. However, this depends on your household income.

How often you are paid this bursary depends on each individual university. This childcare grant can be read about in more detail from this page on the government website.

For example, at Newcastle University, this bursary is paid in two instalments- one in semester one and one in semester two. You can find out more about this on their website here.

Hopefully, this article has explained how often different bursaries are paid out to university students. If receiving a bursary sounds like it would be extremely helpful to you and you think that you fit the criteria, check out this article from Think Student, to learn how to apply.

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