How Long Does a Provisional Driving Licence Take to be Delivered?

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Your provisional driving licence is a necessity legally required by law, meaning every young driver must be in possession of one. However, how long does it take to be delivered? What if you don’t get it in time? What is the earliest time you can order it? This article will provide accurate responses to all of your questions. 

There are two methods of application for your provisional driving licence: online and via post. Online applications take about a week to be processed and delivered; however this period of time could end up being longer depending on whether the DVLA have to undergo any additional checks. Postal applications take considerably longer, requiring up to around 3 weeks to be delivered. 

This article will answer all your questions on how long a provisional driving licence takes to be delivered, the earliest time you can order it and more. Let’s go! 

What is the Earliest Time You Can Order A Provisional Driving Licence? 

The earliest time you can order your provisional driving licence is when you are 15 years and 9 months old. This age may seem especially precise, but this is due to it being just a few months before your 16th birthday. 16 is the youngest age a young adult can drive a vehicle legally on the UK roads. At 16 years old, you are legally allowed to drive a moped and light quad bike (as long as you have your driver’s licence for each of these). Obviously, while learning to drive you will need a provisional driving licence, and this is why you can apply from 15 years and 9 months old. 

You can apply for a provisional driving licence for the intent of driving a car when you turn 17 (the legal age in which you are allowed to drive a car), however you will have to wait until this age before you can actually put it to use on the UK roads. This way you will have your provisional driving licence handy in advanceRead on to find out why being prepared will be beneficial to you. 

Why Should You Order Your Provisional Driving Licence in Advance? 

As discussed before, you are able to order your provisional driving licence in advance to learning to drive, at 15 years and 9 months old. However, the main question is why you should do this? 

You will need your provisional drivers licence to hand prior to taking the driving theory test, driving lessons and the practical test. This is because it is required while booking. Therefore, if you want to get your tests done as soon as possible in order to enable you to get your drivers licence and get out on the road, it would be best to have it ready beforehand. 

How Long Does a Provisional Driving Licence Take to be Delivered? 

A provisional driving licence can be ordered one of two ways: online or via post. Both of these methods take a different amount of time to be delivered. 

Firstly, online. When your application has been delivered and approved, you should receive a confirmation email from the DVLA (the government service that handles all things to do with driving in the UK). You may also be asked to take part in research, but this is optional and will not alter how long it takes for your provisional driving licence to be delivered. Generally, your provisional driving licence should take within one week to be delivered, however it may take slightly longer if the DVLA have to undergo any additional checks. 

Secondly, via post. Postal applications will take a considerably longer amount of time, since the form has to be posted, which will take several days, then approved, then sent back. Usually, this process will take approximately up to 3 weeks, but if the DVLA have to undergo extra checks as stated before, then the process will be elongated. 

Overall, if you would like to obtain your licence sooner, online is the way to go for you.  

Are There Any Delivery Costs? 

To find out more about the cost of a provisional driving licence, check out this article which goes into thorough detail on all the prices involved. 

What Happens If Your Provisional Driving Licence Hasn’t Arrived by Your First Driving Lesson? 

One worry many driving students may have is: ‘What if my provisional driving licence hasn’t arrived by my first lesson?’. This is a valid question, and a worry shared by the vast majority of learner drivers. The short answer is, unfortunately, that your driving instructor will not provide you with a driving lessonYour provisional licence is vital in proving that you are entitled to drive, and without it youdriving instructor cannot let you drive. In short, you cannot drive without your provisional driving licence. 

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