How Do You Get a Scholarship For a Private School?

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Private schools seem like those prestige schools that a lot of people aspire to go. However, they could fall short on funds, and for most people it is just out of reach. However, there is also the option for scholarships, and applicants may want to apply for a scholarship, but how exactly do you get one?

To get a scholarship, you would usually need to demonstrate exceptional abilities in a certain subject. If you believe that you have this, then you should get in contact with the school. More often than not, private schools have raised money for your scholarships. You can look online for an application, get on a phone call with the school, or if possible, organise a meeting with the schools itself. Another option is a bursary, which is given to those who would require extra financial assistance. You can also apply for this at your school.

In the rest of the article, we will further discuss scholarships, but also other options for financial help, and whether your school offers scholarships.

Do private schools offer scholarships?

More often than not, private schools offer scholarships. This is because they want to attract highly qualified and talented students. Most private schools will offer scholarships that covers the entire fee, however some schools may only offer for a certain part of the scholarship, while some may offer even a few vouchers to cover for utensils throughout the year.

No matter how it is, you should look at your school. It is said by the Independent Schools Council, that £464 million per year is used for scholarships for students at private schools. You can find out more about this, by clicking on this link to go to the Independent Schools Council’s website.  

Can you get a scholarship to a private school?

If you are looking to get a scholarship to a private school, it is usually expected that you perform exceptionally in a certain field. This could be sports, arts or academics. This is the most common case for a scholarship, as the schools are looking for excellent students. If you believe you are this student, then you would have a higher chance of being accepted.

However, if you think that you would financially suffer, your family can apply for a bursary, which is different to a scholarship. To find out more, you can click on this link to a schools guide.

How do you get a scholarship for a private school?

To get a scholarship, you would have to get in contact with the school. Most private schools offer online applications for a scholarship. If this is not available, you should try and find a contact number or email for your school. From there you can request an application, and for your consideration.

Finally, you can try and meet with a senior member of the school for a face-to-face meeting. This way you can show your dedication through your emotions and convey a bigger message. No matter which way you do it, make sure to answer as honestly as possible, to ensure you don’t create a false image, and try and show that you are the best person for the scholarship.

What are scholarships and bursaries?

Scholarships and bursaries are both ways of getting a reduction, or complete removal of fees from your private schools. However, they are both for different reasons. The scholarship is for a student’s exceptional performance in a subject, and if the school believes that they would thrive more than the average student.

However, bursaries are due to the family’s financial situation, paired along with performance. If the school finds that the student is good at the subject they try to apply for, but would struggle greatly with the fees, they may offer the student a bursary, which is a reduction in fees, and support throughout the year. To find out more about this, you can click on this link to the Independent Schools Council’s website.

Can you get a bursary for private school?

Bursaries are given on an assessed basis, of the family’s finances. The parents or guardians are required to meet a certain criteria and is usually re-assessed each year. As a result, it will give you a fee for the school that is reasonable towards your finances. The support can also continue throughout the year, with support for trips and uniforms.

Ultimately, if you are in the worst possible situation, you can expect to get more money towards the school, and vice-versa. To find out more, you can click on this link to a Think Student article on bursaries.

How to get a bursary for a private school

There are many different ways to apply for a Bursary. One way is to contact your school’s admissions office, and let them know of your situation, and interest of a Bursary. Should they allow it, they will then assess you or your family’s financial situation to deem whether you are allowed, or how much help you will get.

However, there are other ways. There are many charities that could help. Like the Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation. This organisation allows for children on very low-income homes to go to boarding schools within the UK. You can also check out Buttle UK, which allows for children, who are in exceptional circumstances, and are in danger if they stay at home.

They work as a non-profit organisation and rely entirely on donations. As a result, they have a big list of criteria, and can only accept people who are in the most amount of danger.

In this article we have discussed the use of Scholarships and Bursary’s in private schools, and the terms of applying. Remember to check out your school’s website and their advice on scholarships, and if your need to, you should try applying for a Bursary. We wish you good luck in your search.

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