How Do You Find Your UCAS Number?

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Your UCAS number is given to you when you apply to university and is an essential part of your application. However, knowing that it is important doesn’t help you when you are trying to find it! Applying to university can be extremely stressful, especially when you don’t know where you can find important codes. Don’t worry, this article is here to take away that stress.

Your UCAS number should be found on the UCAS website. It will be displayed on your application page. Therefore, you can only access this number once you start applying. This number is not generated until you do start an application. It is ten digits long and remains on your application page permanently.

Although it might feel like your UCAS number is impossible to find, I can assure you that it isn’t! In this article I’ll take you through all you need to know about your UCAS number, so that you know exactly where to find it.

Where do you find your UCAS number?

Your UCAS number is extremely easy to find! It is unique to you and should be shown to you when you log into the UCAS website.

You should be given a buzzword by your school, allowing you to set up a UCAS account. On this website, you should find your UCAS number. Specifically, this number should be found on your UCAS application page.

Also, any emails you receive from UCAS should display this number. Therefore, you are able to find the number on emails you receive from them also.

If you are struggling with new terms associated with university, you are not alone! Click here to find out the definitions of UCAS number and other key terms on the UCAS website.

How do you find your UCAS ID?

Once you have an account on UCAS, you will be able to start filling out your application! This can definitely seem daunting, especially when you have to familiarise yourself with all of these new terms.

When you start filling out your application, this number should be displayed in the right hand corner of the screen. Remember, in order to view this number, you must have started an application.

Therefore, if you haven’t started an application, then you won’t see it! If you want to discover how to apply to university via UCAS, click this link, to be taken to the UCAS website.

Is UCAS ID and UCAS number the same thing?

Put simply, UCAS ID and UCAS number is exactly the same thing. These names are used interchangeably, so make sure that you don’t get confused!

Some students see the word ‘ID’ and think that this is different to the UCAS number. However, your UCAS ID cannot be used for identification outside of UCAS.

If you want to find out what can be used as ID for students. Check out this article from Think Student.

How do you find your UCAS status code?

Status codes are essential numbers you will receive when you apply to university. They consist of a four digit and a sixteen digit code.

These codes allow you to set up a student bank account, which is extremely important for university! They prove to banks that you are eligible to have a student bank account.

As a result, there is a very simple way to find these numbers. They are located on the UCAS website. They should be found on your own, personal UCAS hub.

More information about status codes and student bank accounts can be found in more detail on the UCAS website, if you click here.

Your status codes should also have been emailed to you once you get an unconditional offer from a university. This allows you to apply for student loans from a bank.

What is a UCAS number?

A UCAS number is a ten digit number, given to you when you apply to university. This code is unique to you, meaning that nobody else will have your exact code.

This means that your UCAS number allows identification. Thousands of students apply to university. As a result, it is highly likely that somebody may have the same name as you.

Therefore, your number keeps you unique and makes sure that you are sent the correct emails and the information supplied to the universities about you is correct.

Don’t get confused with the terms ‘UCAS number’ and ‘UCAS points’. They may sound as if they do similar jobs. However, they are completely different! Check out this article on Think Student to find out the definition of UCAS points.

What is the point of a UCAS number?

Your UCAS number is an essential part of your application. This is because it allows you to log in to UCAS track, in order to track your application.

UCAS track describes a programme which you can log in to, in order to keep tabs on your application. For example, it allows you to see which universities might have given you an offer.

Therefore, UCAS track allows you to stay organised and keep track of your university applications. More information about UCAS track can be found on the Studential website, if you click here.

As you can see, your UCAS number is extremely important. Therefore, it is essential that you know where you can find it. Hopefully, this article has highlighted how easily this can be done!

Happy applying!

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