The 10 Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into in the UK

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After completing A-Levels (or any other equivalent qualification), shortlisting universities and medical schools is usually next on the agenda of an aspiring medical studentFishing for information and finding out more about various medical schools – with all their different entry requirements – can be a nightmare in itself. 

Medical schools are generally thought to have a stringent admission process; they are believed to be extremely hard to get into. While all this is true, some medical schools are a little easier to get into than others. 

Disclaimer: The following rankings are statistic based, and so mainly consider information about acceptance rates to these medical schools. There are many other factors that can make the process of applying to medical school difficult, and so you should consider these separately. This should not be used as a solitary resource to decide which medical schools you should apply to. Make sure you consider other factors, such as entry requirements, number of applicants and interview processes. This list is not intended to downplay achievements of individuals who have got into the medical schools listed below – medical school admission is challenging, and getting in is a huge achievement!  

In this article, we will be exploring the ten ‘easiest’ medical schools to get into in the UK. We will take a look at their acceptance rate, entry requirements and factors that are worth knowing and considering. If you are an aspiring medical student (or just genuinely curious about medical schools), you will surely find this article interesting to read!

10. UCL Medical School

The tenth easiest medical school to get into in the UK is UCL Medical School, the medical school of University College London. Located in London, it is an extremely well-known university and has even been ranked in the list of the best universities in the world! 

With an acceptance rate of 20%, UCL Medical School comes out last in the list of ten easiest medical schools to get into in the UK.  

However, just like a lot of medical schools, their entry requirements are quite competitive – perhaps even more competitive than average medical schoolsGiven the popularity of the university, this is no surprise.  

The standard conditional offer requires grades A*AA at A-Level and must include Chemistry and Biology. Furthermore, they have specific GCSE grade requirements to enter – again, like most medical schools. If you are interested in knowing more about UCL’s entry requirements, find out more here. 

9. Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry

Ninth on the list is a medical school part of Queen Mary University of London. Commonly known as Barts, this medical and dental school is located in London. It is one of the oldest medical schools in England and is sometimes referred to by students as “the best medical school in the UK”, due to a high student satisfaction rate.  

According to this datathe university has an acceptance rate of 21.5% (21.43% to be exact), ranking it as ninth on the list. However, being a medical school in a popular university, they have strict A-Level requirements – A*AA – and specific GCSE requirements too. 

8. Leicester Medical School

Eighth on the list is Leicester Medical School, a university preferred by students for its friendly atmosphereIt is fairly well-known and has a strong reputation. The curriculum is designed to integrate interactive learning whilst still being clinically relevant, making it a great place for all kinds of aspiring doctors. 

The medical school has an acceptance rate of 21.5%, so it is not too challenging to get into; thus, it ranks eighth on the list. Furthermore, the entry requirements are generally AAA, but more information (and possible variations of these grades) can be found here

7. University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine

Being one of the most popular universities in the world (I mean, who has not heard of Cambridge?), you may be surprised to find that the medical school at the University of Cambridge has made it on to the list of the ‘easiest medical schools’ to get into.  

The acceptance rate is 21.8%, which is higher than other medical schools. However, there are some important other factors to consider when looking at admissions for Cambridge University.  

You could say that it is easy to get into Cambridge medical school because there is less competition for places. However, the entry requirements and standards expected are set much, much higher to start with, so it is tougher in that respect. 

On the bright side, it means that if you apply to Cambridge for medicine and meet the entry requirements well enough, you will have a good chance of acceptance. If you are curious to find out, the full list of entry requirements can be found right here. 

A downside is that Cambridge medical courses are more difficult than other universities, so students should only apply if they are sure they will have enough strength and motivation to keep up. Students at Cambridge write far more essays and have far less free time than students at other universities, so it is important to keep factors like these in mind. 

The application process for Cambridge also tends to be very tough, to determine which applicants are good enough for the hard work that the courses require. I am by no means saying that it is an easy task to get into Cambridge University!

6. Medical School at the University of Manchester

The medical school at The University of Manchester is one of the largest medical schools in the UK. It is quite popular and frequently applied to by many students around the UK, who are attracted by the diversity of the city and the unique teaching-style at the university.  

With an acceptance rate of 23.8%, it ranks as sixth on our list of the top ‘easiest’ medical schools to get in to. 

Their application process is not as rigorous as other medical schools; that does not mean it is easy though — it is, after all, a medical school! Applicants are generally given offers if they have received an AAA in their A-Levels. If you would like more details, you can check out the university’s website.

5. Medical School at the University of Birmingham

Next on the list is the medical school at the University of Birmingham, a popular university that attracts lots of students for multiple reasons. 

The university provides a varied style of teaching and hands-on learning. Although courses at the University of Birmingham are seemingly more traditional than others, this equips them with a strong foundation in medicine and can be a valuable thing. On top of that, it is often a preferred university choice as many students enjoy experiencing all the city has to offer, including an abundance of marvellous greenery and great outdoor fun. 

Luckily, the medical school has an acceptance rate of 24%, making it the fifth easiest medical school to get into on our list. There’s further good news: the entry requirements are slightly less difficult than other medical schools – the usual offer calls for AAA or AAB at A-Levels. If you are interested, more information regarding this can be found right here.

4. School of Medicine at University of St Andrews

Fourth on the list is a more traditional medical schoolThe University of St Andrews School of Medicine, which is the oldest medical school in Scotland. It is widely considered a prestigious school and many students enjoy being there; the medical school has a high student satisfaction rate. 

Even though it is a relatively small university located in a small town, studying at St Andrews can be full of great opportunities – besides, small schools come with their host of advantages!  

The medical school has an acceptance rate of 25.1%, which brings it to fourth place on the list. Not only does it have a higher acceptance rate than some other universities, but the entry requirements are also quite attainable – AAA or AAB at A-Levels. The full list of entry requirements (and more information) can be found by clicking right here

3. Durham University School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health

The Durham University School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health was part of Durham University (now part of Newcastle University) and has been ranked among the UK’s and the world’s leading universities. Also, it is well-known amongst students (especially Harry Potter fans since the castle-like university is often referred to as ‘Hogwarts’!).  

While Durham University is generally considered to be a competitive university, the medical school had an acceptance rate of 28.8% – this is quite high for a medical school. Being one of the top three on the list, Durham was one of the easiest medical schools to get into in the UK. The entry requirements were AAA at A-Level – not so tough compared to some of the others!  

Unfortunately, the acceptance rates for Newcastle University’s Medical school seem to be much lower, and this option is a lot more competitive that it first seemed! You can no longer apply to Newcastle’s Medical School through Durham University, and so this is not an option for medical school applicants looking for the ‘easiest’ universities to apply to anymore. 

2. Hull York Medical School

The runner-up on our list is Hull Yorka joint medical school of the Universities of Hull and York 

Hull York Medical School offers a more contemporary and modern approach to medicine, making it a popular choice amongst keen students. Being a joint schoolstudents often select this medical school as they find it fun to be part of two differenuniversities at the same time! 

The application process is quite straightforward, the entry requirements being an AAA at A-Levels.  The acceptance rate is 28.9%, making it the second easiest medical school to get into in the UKIf you are interested, more information can be found on the medical school’s website.

1. Queen’s University Belfast School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences

Number one on the list, the easiest medical school to get into in the UK is the medical school at Queen’s University Belfast. 

While no medical school is “easy” to get into, this one is comparatively ‘easier’ to get into, as it has an acceptance rate of 38.3% — not too bad for a medical school! Despite its high acceptance rate, this medical school is a great place for learners. The innovative teaching style and the state-of-the-art facilities make it a popular choice amongst students who want to become great doctors in the future. Additionally, Queen’s University Belfast is widely seen as a very prestigious university that provides world-class education. 

A downside is that the entry requirements – which can be found here – are slightly harder to meet than the other medical schools. The common offer is A*AA at A-Levels. This can be used to explain the high acceptance rate: the students who apply will have already met the tough entry requirements 


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