Do You Need a Laptop For University?

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University level education is very different to the stages before it. You will feel this in every way. From the increased amount of work to the increased amount of independence. Not to mention the fact that you may actually be living there. Due to this step up, you’re going to need to be prepared.

The question is how you get yourself prepared to study at university. You may wonder what resources you will need. This may be specific course materials, such as textbooks, or something more general. For example, you may be wondering if you need a laptop at university.

In short, you will almost definitely need a laptop for university. This is because a laptop is a useful resource that has many uses for students studying at university. This is especially as it can help them to stay organised and complete their assignments. On top of that, a laptop will help university students to adapt. This is because university requires them to be more independent, especially as many live away from home, and they will also have more work to do.

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of laptops for university study. In this article, you can learn more about why you may need a laptop and for what subjects they will be useful. If you’re going to university, this article will point you in the right direction.

Why is having a laptop important at university?

At any stage of education, it is important for a student to have access to some kind of laptop or an alternative device that they can use. This is to allow them to make the most out of their student experience.

This is because using resources, such as a laptop, can enable them to stay organised. This in turn can allow them to complete any assignments that may come up as a part of their ordinary academic lives and stay on top of their work.

For more information about the importance of laptops for students in general, check out this Think Student article.

While it is of course important for any student to have access to a laptop, it is even more true for university students. This is because university level education gives students an entirely new level of independence.

With this increased independence, university students will need laptops to stay organised. Laptops are incredibly resourceful in themselves, so they will allow university students to keep themselves organised in every way. From figuring out their schedule for the week to researching for and writing up their class essays or reports.

Also, at university students will often have an increased amount of work. In fact, the amount of time your degree will take up altogether is comparable to a full-time job. To learn more about this, check out this Think Student article.

Due to this, university students will need to rely more on their laptops to complete their assignments. This is because doing so simply with a paper and pen simply isn’t realistic.

On top of that, during university, many students live away from home. Before going to university away from home students may have been previously able to borrow a parent or guardian’s laptop or even have a shared one possibly with their siblings.

However, if they are no longer living at home, such an arrangement won’t be possible. This means that the student is going to need access to their own laptop for university.  

What subjects do you need a laptop for at university?

As mentioned above, laptops are an important piece of equipment for university students to have as they enable you to make the most of your learning. Due to this, you will honestly speaking probably need a laptop or a similar device for any subject you study at university. However, there are some subjects where having a laptop is absolutely essential.

At university, you can study a wide range of different degrees. With today’s increasingly technological world, a vast number of these degrees are to do with computing and IT.

As these degrees are entirely focused on computers/laptops, their hardware and their software, it is safe to say that you’re definitely going to need your own laptop or computer for these degrees.

This is not only for the general uses of typing up your notes or studying. As with any degree, you are likely to be set independent assignments or projects to complete. For a degree to do with ICT, this is likely to be something that you’re going to have to directly do on a laptop or computer.

Also, as your degree is focused on them, it is a good idea for you to have a laptop of your own, so you are able to use them better yourself.

Other degrees where it may be essential to have a laptop are other digitally focused degrees. These include degrees in graphic design, digital media, digital marketing and more. For degrees such as these, you will once again probably be expected to complete projects and assignments that you will need a laptop or computer for.

You may be able to get access to a laptop or computer at your university or maybe a local library. However, it is best to have your own so that you have more flexibility.

Does a medical student need a laptop?

In the UK, a medicine degree will typically last between 5 and 6 years. It is this long to enable you to get a solid basis knowledge of medicine and how it’s used before going on to learning how to use it yourself. For more information about the stages of becoming a doctor, including more about medicine degrees, check out this Think Student article.

As it is much longer than the average degree, having your own laptop will be much more useful than temporarily using one at university or maybe a library. This is because it can save you time and is more efficient, especially if you don’t live on campus.

On top of that, a medicine degree is quite a lot of work. You will probably bet set assignments and maybe even projects or presentations to hand in.

For these, you may need to do research and you will also need something to write it up. Having a laptop can make these assignments worlds easier.

How much should you spend on a laptop at university?

If you’re anything like me, then your first instinct when buying a new laptop may be to get the cheapest one possible. However, it may actually be a better idea to get one that is a little more expensive so that it will last longer. After all, there’s no point spending money on your laptop and then having it breakdown less than a year later.

For example, Chromebook laptops are relative cheap compared to many other varieties and you have many options under £400. For more on this, check out this article by Wired.

Despite being so budget-friendly, Chromebook aren’t particularly recommended for university study. To learn more about this, check out this guide by the University of Nottingham.

In order to get a laptop that will live up to your expectations, you should probably spend about £500 on it. However, if you need any specific additional features for university study, then it is likely that you will need to spend a little more.

For more information about how much you should spend on your laptop and even some of the features that you may need on it, check out this guide by the University of York.

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