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How to Get a 9 in GCSE English Language

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Many students find GCSE English Language a difficult subject because you can’t exactly revise for the exams easily. The key to understanding GCSE English Language is knowing what the assessment objectives are and how to achieve them with your answers. Once you know how to …

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The 10 Easiest GCSE Subjects (Ranked for 2021)

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You might be at the stage where GCSEs are imminent and you have to decide which ones you’ll take, or you may just be curious. Either way, you’re here to find out what the top 10 easiest GCSEs are, and that’s exactly what you’ll find.  …

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How Many GCSEs Do You Take (In 2021)?

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The results of your GCSEs can be what determines which A-Levels or jobs you do later in life. You might want to take more GCSEs to boost your chances of success, but how many is too many?  In this article I’ll be taking a look …

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What To Do If You Fail Your 2021 GCSEs

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So, you’ve just got back from getting your 2021 GCSE results and it’s not looking good at all. I know from first hand experience how much this sucks. At the time of writing this article for Think Student, it has been a year since I …