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What Happens If You Do Worse in a GCSE Resit?

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Every GCSE student will, at some point, have had the thought of what would occur should they fail their GCSEs. That answer is simple–you resit them in the following academic year: maths and English in November, the rest are sat in the summer. But then there’s the question that rings …

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How Many GCSEs Do You Need to Do A-Levels?

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For many, the jump from GCSEs to A-Levels can be a daunting process. Understanding how your GCSEs may affect your A-Level study is important to give you a sense of direction and aim. In addition to how many GCSEs you will need for A-Level study, you may have other questions. …

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How Long Do GCSE Results Stay on Record?

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Many students wonder how long their GCSE results stay on record – often because they want to know how long GCSE results are relevant for, or because they have lost their original certificates and need proof of their results. GCSE results are essential for applying to further education or getting …