Can You be Enrolled at Two Universities at Once in the UK?

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University is a huge milestone in many people’s lives which can set them up for their future. Many students are unsure about what subjects to study at university and wonder if they can pick more than one. You may also be wondering do students have the option the option to study at two different universities?

In short yes you can be enrolled at two universities. A student can study two degrees at the same time. However, this is a very difficult process and not all universities will allow this. 

This article will go over the ways in which a student can be enrolled at two universities, as well as discussing the benefits and potential reasons why this may not be possible. 

Can You Study at Multiple Universities? 

Dual enrolment is practice of allowing a student to be enrolled in two academic institutions at one time. This is where the student will be studying two subjects (or courses) at the same time, but at different universities. More detail about dual enrolment can be found here.   

It’s important to note that not all universities allow dual enrolment so it’s vitally important you check with your chosen university. Due to the potential long commute between universities studying at two universities at once will only really be plausible for those who live close by to two universities. 

Attending multiple universities means paying fees twice, deciding to do this can be a hugely expensive. Because of the added costs it is usually more of an option for those in a more advantaged position.  

Why Do People Consider Two Universities?

Someone may consider enrolling at two universities if one of their universities they have thought about doesn’t offer the correct course they want to do as well as another one that it does offer. For example, one university may offer a primary teaching course, however, it only teaches the history of primary education. This is an option for those who want to do a dual degree

The main reason people generally consider this option is because their dream future career may be very demanding. Someone may require multiple degrees in differing subjects, and it is not always easy to find a university that offer both.  

Why is Dual Enrolment at University Often Disapproved?

Universities often won’t permit dual enrolment, but as well as this, this may not be an option for some people. In some cases, studying at two universities will cause for double funds to be paid for each institution. In the UK you are able to take out a student loan to help cover tuition fees and accommodation costs, but usually only one loan can be taken out. Due to this it can be really expensive to fund multiple courses at different universities. To find out more about university fees click here. 

Certain universities also may not allow you to be enrolled knowing you are also enrolled in another one. This can be for the simple reason that, they may believe you can lose control and fail the course that you are in with them, bringing their potential results down. Not only this, but some classes can also be limited and only some are offered which is why they may also be disapproved.  

Taking multiple courses in two different areas is extremely time consuming which some universities will take into consideration, therefore disallowing dual enrolment. Travelling between two universities can be very stressful for the individual, often impossible in some cases. The majority of jobs and career paths don’t require you to have multiple degrees, so you should do your research before enrolling yourself down this path.

How Difficult is it to Study at Two Universities at Once?

It is clear that studying at two universities is tricky and also very time consuming. This also can lead to having no time for extracurricular activities and socialising. By having no or very little time to spend outside of university this can cause you to lack important social skills that are needed for the future. It is important to find a balance between studying and social life, this can be near impossible when studying in two different areas.  

If you are enrolled at two universities, you may have to study within the holidays because of the huge amounts of workload. It is not an easy option to take but with the correct organisational skills it can still be possible. If you manage to overcome the obstacles mentioned above, then by doing this you can gain a range of skills and attributes for your future life and job roles. Check out this article here to read more about how difficult it is to study at multiple universities. 

What Can Studying at Two Universities Achieve?

Dual enrolment and concurrent studying can allow you to gain more comprehensive knowledge of the subjects you are studying. This knowledge can be taken with you throughout life to progress your career and potential earnings.

If you are able to get two different degrees at one time, again being greatly beneficial for a future career you are wishing to look into. By gaining valuable skills and important knowledge a career is able to be chosen in a much more professional area than if you were not to gather these skills. 

Successfully getting two degrees at once will show future employers that you are very well organised and committed. These are highly employable traits that once again will increase your employability.

As this option is so difficult maybe you should also consider doing an online degree instead, click here to find out more. Also, if you are itching to get in more study why not write an EPQ, check out this article here to find out more about writing an EPQ.

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8 months ago

Hello, I am interested in studying 2 uni courses at the same uni both part time. One is online and other other is at the uni. Would I be able to study them both at the same time?

Reply to  sophie
8 months ago

Actually, I am thinking of studying both degrees with Open University. Part-time for both degrees.

Reply to  sophie
5 months ago

My case is one part-time, and the other one is full-time. I have to say there is an unmeasurable risk if one Uni doesn’t allow to do that. Then, when you apply for a master’s degree or a job, it might be hard to decide whether should tell the examiner that you have 2 degrees because they might ask the Uni to confirm it, you might face the risk, however, if you do not tell them you gain 2 degrees, a question would come out that why I study two degree back in the time, overall what I want to… Read more »