At What Age Can You Become a GCSE Tutor?

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As a student, it can be hard to find a job that is flexible and fits around your studies. However, becoming a GCSE tutor could potentially solve this problem, as it is a great job to have as a student. Despite this, some students may be hesitant to apply to become a GCSE tutor, as they may not feel old enough. Some students may even feel too old! Therefore, it is always beneficial to clear up any concerns when deliberating whether to apply for something new, as you don’t want to write anything off before trying!

The earliest age you can become a GCSE tutor is 16 years old. This is because you should have completed your own GCSE qualifications before assisting others in theirs. Therefore, if you have not completed your GCSEs by 16 years old, you may have to wait later to tutor, until you have completed them.

If you want to find out more about the ages of becoming a GCSE tutor and whether this is a good job to actually do, check out the rest of this article!

What’s the minimum age you can become a GCSE tutor?

The minimum age for becoming any sort of tutor in the UK is 14 years old. However, just because you may be 14 or over, it doesn’t mean that you can become a GCSE tutor!

The main criteria for becoming a GCSE tutor is that you must have GCSE qualifications. These qualifications must include the GCSE that you want to tutor.

Ideally, you would have done quite well in your GCSEs too! Therefore, the minimum age you could be to become a GCSE tutor is approximately 16 years of age at earliest.

However, some students have earlier birthdays and may turn 16 before they have completed their GCSEs. Therefore, whether you can become a GCSE tutor or not should be based more on your previous qualifications rather than age. After all, some individuals don’t complete their GCSEs until many years later.

Just having GCSE qualifications will most likely be sufficient if you are just an independent tutor or helping individuals you may be friends with. However, if you want to work for a company of tutors, you may have to be 18 years old at a minimum with more qualifications.

You can find out more about this if you check out this article from Edumentors.

What’s the maximum age you can become a GCSE tutor?

There doesn’t seem to be any maximum age to become a GCSE tutor! After all, having a tutor with more experience could be more beneficial, as they probably know more about their subjects.

The National Tutoring Programme was a scheme introduced by the government to help increase children’s access to high quality tutors. This scheme has been very successful and has even brought retired teachers out of retirement to become tutors!

You can find out more about the National Tutoring Programme if you check out this article from Third Space Learning.

How do you become a GCSE tutor?

If you want to tutor casually, it is pretty easy to start! You could advertise your services in your own school or post on social media. As already mentioned, you will definitely need to have good GCSE grades to show parents. Some parents may even want you to have completed A-Levels!

However, if you want to work for an online tutoring company, the process is slightly different. You will have to research the different tutor companies online and submit an application. This may involve an interview and your previous qualifications will definitely be scrutinised.

However, becoming an online tutor that works for a company may be more beneficial, as it is easier to find students, so you will probably earn more money! An example of a company that employs tutors is MyTutor. You can check out their website here.

If you are wanting to work with a company that involves tutoring face to face, you may have to show that you have experience working with young children. You possibly may even have to get a DBS check! You can discover more about this if you check out this article from Indeed.

If you want to discover some tips on how to get a first job as a student, check out this article from Think Student.

Is being a GCSE tutor a good job for a student?

Becoming a tutor is a fantastic job for a student! One of the main reasons for this is that the role of a tutor is often extremely flexible. You can fit the job around your studies, and this is especially the case if you become an online tutor. You will also often be able to choose how many students you tutor each week.

Jobs in tutoring often pay quite well too! Therefore, if you are a university student looking for a job that isn’t too time consuming, becoming a tutor could be the best way forward.

You probably won’t need to work too hard as a tutor, as you would have already gained the qualifications that you are teaching. As a result, reviewing lower-level qualifications should be quite a doddle!

You will also gain so much experience as a tutor due to working with children. This could be a great addition to your CV! If you want to discover more general reasons why becoming a tutor has so many benefits, check out this article from Indeed.

Can being a GCSE Tutor help your own studies?

Whether being a GCSE tutor can help your own studies greatly depends on what you are currently studying! If you are doing A-Level Biology for example, tutoring someone GCSE Biology could be beneficial to you as much GCSE Biology content is reviewed at A-Level.

Reviewing GCSE knowledge could even be helpful if you are doing a degree in that same subject! However, if you are doing A-Levels or a degree completely different to the GCSE subjects that you are tutoring, becoming a GCSE tutor may not be directly helpful to your studies.

Despite this, they may be indirectly helpful. This is because if you are doing a degree related to health and social care for example, getting experience with children could potentially help your studies.

Becoming a GCSE tutor will often consume less time than other jobs. Therefore, it could be helpful to your studies because you will be leaving more time for revision whilst earning the same amount of money as a more well-known job!

If you want to get some work experience that is more specific to your job, check out this article from Think Student for some work experience ideas.

Should you become a GCSE tutor?

If you are quite an academic individual and enjoy working with children, becoming a GCSE tutor may be a great path for you to take! After all, you can use your passion for academics to influence the children you tutor.

I would definitely recommend becoming a GCSE tutor because it will give you experience of working with a range of individuals. It could also potentially be an extremely rewarding experience, as you support student who may be really struggling at school.

However, if you aren’t very academic or motivated, this job may not be the best choice for you! You can check out this article from Think Student to discover the top student jobs in the UK. Becoming a tutor is actually listed first, however there are plenty of other ideas!

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