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600+ EPQ Ideas That Guarantee An A* (For Each Subject)

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Disclaimer: These EPQ ideas are only here to inspire you and (hopefully) help point you in the right direction.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of hours of gruelling research that went into creating this list – but I can tell you now, it was a lot…

When creating this list, I researched all over the web to see what EPQ ideas people had in the past and what ideas they were considering now. I added the EPQ ideas, that I thought were suitable, to the list. However, many of these I have come up with myself.

Anyway, I hope you find inspiration from at least one of the EPQ ideas below.

EPQ Ideas Relating To Medicine

EPQ Ideas For Medicine1. Do Care Homes Provide Adequate Care To Dementia Patients?
2. The Ethical Issues Surrounding Stem Cell Research
3. Should Self-Inflicted Illnesses Be Treated By The NHS?
4. How Much Should Doctors And Nurses Be Paid?
5. At What Point Does Gene Editing Become Unethical?
6. Is Mass Cloning Of Livestock A Good Idea?
7. Should We Use Medication To Treat Mental Health Problems (Or Focus On Other Forms Of Treatment)?
8. Should We Test Medications On Animals?
9. Why Is Asthma Raging Out Of Control?
10. Could There Ever Be Any Viable Medications For Obesity?
11. Could There Ever Be A Single Cure For All Cancers?
12. What Really Causes Alzheimer’s Disease?
13. Could We Ever Stop Ageing?
14. Is Healthcare A Human Right?
15. Should Medically Assisted Suicide Be Legal?

16. At What Point Does An Embryo Or Foetus Become A Living Human?
17. How Much Control Should Doctors Have Over Society’s Choices?
18. Poliomyelitis And How It Affects A Sufferer Within Society
19. How Big Is The Risk Of Someone Waking Up During A General Anaesthesia?
20. How Does Long Term Stress Affect Your Physical Body?
21. How Much Does Healthcare Rely On Technology?
22. Should Vaccination Be Made Compulsory?
23. Why Is Medical Malpractice On The Rise In The NHS?
24. How Could Malaria Be Completely Eliminated?
25. Do Clinical Trials For New Drugs Take Too Long?
26. How Have Treatments For Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s Developed Over Time?
27. The Effect Of Music On The Brain (Especially For People With Alzheimer’s)
28. Is A Vegan Diet Better For The Human Body?
29. Is It The Parents Or The Doctors Decision To Turn Off Life Support For An Ill Baby?
30. Should The NHS Be Privatised?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Psychology

EPQ Ideas For Psychology1. Is It Ethical To Use Psychological Tricks To Benefit The Economy?
2. How Observations Made By The Trolley Problem Will Become Useful As Self Driving Cars Are Developed
3. What’s Going On Inside The Brain Of Someone Who Is Prejudice?
4. How Someone’s Brain Changes When They Are In Love
5. Why Do Some People Combat Depression By Excessive Eating?
6. How The Asch Conformity Experiment Contributed To The Field Of Psychology
7. Was John Money’s Gender Reassignment Experiment Unethical?
8. How Does Child Abuse Affect Someone’s Mind Later In Life?
9. Would Children With Mild Learning Difficulties Perform Better If They Weren’t Told About Their Disadvantage?
10. Which Parenting Style Is The Best For A Child’s Future?
11. What Makes A Child Become A Bully?
12. Does Letting A Child Play Violent Games Make Them More Aggressive?
13. What Do Someone’s Dreams Really Say About Them?
14. Why Do People Struggle So Much To Focus In The Short Term To Achieve Long Term Goals?
15. Why Does The Brain Create False Memories?

16. What Makes A Child Antisocial?
17. Why Do People Have Irrational Phobias?
18. How Someone’s Social Cognition Develops Over Time
19. How Does Someone’s Mind-Set Change As They Get Older?
20. What Causes Someone To Be Attracted To A Particular Person?
21. What Someone’s Non-Verbal Behaviour Says About Them
22. How Governments Control People’s Behaviour On A Massive Scale
23. What Makes Someone A Good Leader?
24. Could Having A Physical Disorder Have A Psychological Affect On Someone Later In Life?
25. To What Extent Could An Obsession With Someone Become A Mental Illness?
26. The Long Lasting Effect Of PTSD After World War 1
27. What Really Causes Addiction?
28. How Does OCD Affect A Sufferer In Today’s Society?
29. Could Consciousness Ever Be Programmed?
30. The Psychological Effect Loneliness Can Have On Someone

EPQ Ideas Relating To Law

EPQ Ideas For Law1. Is Capital Punishment Justified?
2. Is Claiming Insanity A Loophole For Criminals?
3. How Does Science Help Us Solve Crimes?
4. What Are The Most Effective Ways To Lower The Crime Rate?
5. Which Police Interrogation Method Is Most Effective?
6. What Is The Role Of Mass Media During A High Profile Investigation?
7. What Special Laws Are There To Control Gangs And How Do They Work?
8. The History Of Scotland Yard
9. How Can The Government Undo Previous Wrongful Convictions?
10. How Do International Courts Work And When Are They Used?
11. How The Internet Has Breaded New Forms Of Crime, Such As Revenge Porn
12. Are The Laws Regarding Cybercrime Outdated?
13. Why Can A Single Crime Have So Many Different Punishments?
14. How Accurate Are Eyewitnesses To A Crime?
15. How Should We Deal With False Convictions?

16. Do Police Cameras Violate People’s Right To Privacy?
17. Should Prostitution Be Legal?
18. Where Did The UK’s Laws Originate From?
19. Are Anti-Terrorism Laws Inflicting On People’s Privacy Rights?
20. How Much Would It Economically Benefit The UK To Bring Back The Death Penalty?
21. What Legal Systems Are In Place For Refugees And How Do They Work?
22. Should Police In The UK Have Guns?
23. Do Anti-Gun Laws In The UK Reduce People’s Induvial Liberty?
24. What Are The Most Effective Ways To Tell If A Criminal Has Been Rejuvenated?
25. What Is Diplomatic Immunity And Why Does It Exist?
26. How Are War Crimes Prosecuted?
27. At What Age Should Children Be Able To Access The Internet?
28. Is Allowing Women To Work As Front Line Police Officers Safe (For Women)?
29. How Can The Misuse Of Power By Police Officers Be Dealt With?
30. Should The Seat Belt Law Be Removed In The UK?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Biology

EPQ Ideas For Biology1. The Ethical Issues Surrounding Therapeutic Cloning
2. Why Are There So Many Missing Pieces Of Evidence For Evolution?
3. What Is The Evidence For Evolution And What Evidence Is Missing?
4. The Complications Surrounding How DNA Evolved
5. How Does Therapeutic Cloning Work And What Are It’s Applications?
6. The Ethical Issues Surrounding Therapeutic Cloning
7. How Did Humans Become The Dominant Species On The Planet?
8. Is It Only Humans That Have Consciousness?
9. How Does The Ebola Virus Attack The Body?
10. At What Point In A Pregnancy Should Abortion Be Considered A Murder?
11. Does Homosexuality Between Non-Human Animals Exist?
12. Can Someone’s Genetics Condemn Them To Obesity?
13. What Is The Effect Of Pollution On Humans And Animals?
14. How Does Meningitis Overcome The Immune System?
15. How Did Antibiotic-Resistant Strains Of Bacteria Come Into Existence?

16. The Biological Issues Relating To Incest
17. How Do Plants Become Infected By Diseases?
18. Could Humanity Ever Achieve Biological Immortality?
19. How Accurate Is Human Memory?
20. Why Are Humans Smarter Than Other Animals?
21. Why Do Humans Not Have Fur?
22. Is Homosexuality A Choice Or Is It Genetic?
23. What Has Caused The Decline In The Otter Population Worldwide?
24. What Are The Potential Alternatives To Antibiotics?
25. What Causes Eczema And How Can We Develop Better Treatments For It?
26. Why Is Anthrax Still A Popular Choice For Terrorist Organisations?
27. Where Are Humans On The Food Chain?
28. The Importance Of Preserving Biodiversity In A Particular Geographic Area
29. How Do Vaccinations Work?
30. What Are The Potential Healing Components In Hair?

EPQ Ideas Relating To History

EPQ Ideas For History1. Was The Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki Justified?
2. What Led To The Fall Of The British Empire?
3. Were The Crusades Justified?
4. Why Did Britain Delay The Declaration Of War With Germany (WW2)?
5. What Were The Events That Led Up To World War 1?
6. Why Did The USA Join WW2 So Late?
7. How Did The Invention Of Guns Change Warfare?
8. Were Conscientious Objectors Treated Fairly During WW1?
9. How Did The British Empire Become So Large?
10. How Did India Change When Under Rule By The British Empire?
11. Why Was India So Valuable To The British Empire?
12. How Important Is It That Students Learn The World’s History?
13. Is History Really Only Written By The Victors?
14. Is It Wrong For A Country To Focus More On Teaching Their Own History Than Other History?
15. How Can We Ensure That The History We Teach Is Actually Correct?

16. How Has The Way Humans Cook Changed Over Time?
17. How Has The Relationship Between Humans And Animals Changed Over Time?
18. How Have The Roles Of Males And Females Changed Over Time?
19. Has The British Public Lost Interest In The Royal Family Since WW2?
20. How Has The Way We Travel Changed Over Time?
21. What Caused The Massive Population Boom After 1900?
22. The Effects Of The Industrial Revolution In The UK
23. Is The Cold War Between America And Russia Still Raging?
24. The History Behind The Hostility Towards Israel In The Middle-East
25. What Were The Events That Led To The South China Sea Ownership Dispute?
26. How Far Back Can We Accurately Recall History?
27. How Slavery Became Abolished
28. How The Economies Of Europe Were Affected By WW1
29. Did Churchill Always Make The Right Decisions?
30. How Did Commercialisation Change The Sporting Industry?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Economics

EPQ Ideas For Economics1. How Fair Is The Progressive Income Tax?
2. Should There Be A Minimum Wage?
3. What Are The Effects Of Having A High Minimum Wage?
4. How Has The UK’s Economy Developed Over Time?
5. What Affect Has Brexit Had On The UK Economy?
6. What Affect Does Illegal Immigration Have On The UK Economy?
7. What Affect Does Legal Immigration Have On The UK Economy?
8. How Did The 2008 Financial Crisis Affect The UK Economy?
9. The Myth Of “Trickle Down” Economics
10. The Effect Trade Tariffs Have On The Associated Countries
11. What Causes Inflation?
12. Why Is Inflation Bad For The Economy?
13. Are The European Economies Too Reliant On Each Other?
14. What Affect Did WW2 Have On The Economies Of The World?
15. Why Do Socialist Economies Always Fail?

16. How Has The Global Demand For Oil Changed Over Time?
17. The Pros And Cons Of A Privatised Health Care System
18. Why Does Capitalism Cause Monopoly’s?
19. How Can People Get Out Of The Poverty Trap?
20. Why Wealth Inequality Is Not As Big Of An Issue As People Think
21. The Myth Of The Gender Pay Gap
22. The Effects That A 35-Hour Working Week Has On The Economy
23. How Do Cartels Manipulate The Price Of Oil And Gas?
24. What Are The Events That Led To The Death Of The High-Street?
25. Can The High-Street Make A Recovery?
26. What Factors Contribute To A Countries Unemployment Rate?
27. How Has The Price Of Coffee Changed Over Time?
28. What Should The Income Tax Rate Be?
29. Would A Flat Tax Rate Help The Economy More Than A Progressive Tax Rate?
30. What Factors Determine House Pricing In The UK?

EPQ Ideas Relating To English

EPQ Ideas For English1. How To Have An Effective Debate
2. Why Impact Did Literature Have During WW2?
3. Are Girls Better At English Than Boys?
4. Should English Literature Be Optional At Secondary School?
5. How Did Literature Change In The 1800s?
6. Why Is Mass Media So Biased?
7. What Techniques Do Writers Use To Make The Reader Agree With A Particular Opinion?
8. To What Extent Are Journalists At Risk Of Being Replaced By Computers?
9. Did Shakespeare Actually Write The Plays He’s Famous For?
10. What Made Shakespeare’s Plays So Unique?
11. How Have Gender Roles Changed In Novels Over Time?
12. Evaluating The Political Agenda Behind Many Poems
13. How Was Religion Portrayed In 20th Century British Novels?
14. Evaluating The Importance Of Symbolism In Literature
15. What Contributions Did Shakespeare Make To Literature?

16. Are Books Becoming Obsolete?
17. How Have Attitudes Towards Literature Changed Over Time?
18. How Has Our Use Of Language Changed Since The Development Of The Internet?
19. How Does Literature Affect Culture?
20. The Origins Of Punctuation And Why It Was Needed
21. What Effect Does Illiteracy Have On Someone’s Career?
22. How Does Literacy Rate Affect The Development Of A Country?
23. What Are The Most Accurate Methods To Determine Someone’s Reading Age?
24. How Does Dyslexia Affect A Child’s Ability To Learn How To Read And Write?
25. Is It Right For GCSE And A-Level English Exams To Be Timed?
26. Is The Demand For English Graduates Increasing Or Decreasing?
27. Evaluating The Rise Of Gothic Literature
28. How Has Feminism Changed Literature Over Time?
29. What Effect Has The Internet Had On Journalism?
30. To What Extent Do The Writing Styles Of Men And Women Differ?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Art

1. To What Extent Is Architectural Design A Display Of Art?
2. How Did Alexander McQueen Change The Fashion Industry?
3. How Do The Mind-Sets Of Artists Compare?
4. Why Does Modern Art Have Such A Negative Stigma Surrounding It?
5. Has The Art Industry Become Too Commercialised?
6. The History Behind Stained Glass Art
7. To What Extent Can Someone’s Mental Health Be Expressed By Their Art?
8. How And When Did Photography Become A Form Of Art?
9. How Has British Art Changed Over Time?
10. Is The Mona Lisa Overrated?
11. To What Extent Does Art Impact Our Everyday Lives?
12. Should Banksy Be Considered An Artist Or A Vandal?
13. Is Graffiti A Form Of Art?
14. Is Art A Good Investment?
15. What Made Paris The Global Centre For Art In The 20th Century?

16. What Impact Does Art Education Have On A Childs Brain?
17. Why Was There An Absence Of Art In Medieval Europe?
18. What Contributions Did Artists Make To The Renaissance
19. Can Modern Advertising Be Seen As A Form Of Art?
20. Have People Lost Respect For Art In Today’s Modern Society?
21. The Process Of Preserving Historic Art
22. Why Is It Important To Preserve Art For Future Generations To Admire?
23. What Techniques Did Picasso Use When Creating His Art?
24. Why Do Most Teenagers Not Take Art Education Seriously?
25. What Is The Mozart Effect And Is It Real?
26. What Makes Art “Good”?
27. How Has Modern Technology Impacted Art?
28. How Art Can Be Used To Make More Effective Propaganda
29. How Have Artistic Techniques Developed Over Time?
30. Does Someone’s Culture Shine Through Their Art?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Sport

EPQ Ideas For Sport1. How Has Commercialisation Changed The Sporting Industry?
2. What Effect Does The Media Have On Aspiring Athletes?
3. Evaluating The Gender Pay Gap In Sport
4. Should Women Be Allowed To Compete Against Men Professionally?
5. Why Do Less People Watch Women’s Sports?
6. Are Cheerleaders A Sexist Exploitation?
7. Is Homophobia Being Taken Seriously In Sport?
8. Is Hosting The Olympic Games Worth It For A Country?
9. Winter Olympics VS Summer Olympics
10. How Much More Efficient Does The Right Diet Make An Athlete?
11. How Can Parents Motivate Children To Do Sports?
12. How Can Injuries Caused By Sport Be Reduced?
13. What Factors Affect A Sport’s Participation Rate?
14. What Type Of Injuries Are Most Common For Different Sports And Why?
15. What Factors Increase Your Chance Of Injury While Playing Sport?

16. How Important Is A Coach During An Athletes Life?
17. How Has Statistical Analysis Changed The Sporting Industry?
18. Should PE Be Compulsory At Sixth Form College?
19. Should WWE Be Banned?
20. What Factors Make A Good Coach?
21. How Important Is Sport England?
22. What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Exercise?
23. To What Extent Do Your Genetics Determine How Good You Will Be At A Sport?
24. Why Are Some Sports So Expensive For People To Participate In?
25. Why Do We Play Sport?
26. How Different Is An Athlete’s Body Compared To An Average Person’s Body?
27. How Can We Eliminate The Use Of Performance-Enhancing Drugs In Sport?
28. What Are The Different Methods Of Training?
29. Do Scientists And Coaches Need To Work Together More?
30. How Do Athletes Mentally Prepare For A Competition?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Business Studies

EPQ Ideas For Business Studies1. How Should Market Monopoly’s Be Addressed?
2. How Can The UK Government Incentivise Entrepreneurship?
3. How Much Do Taxes Hurt Small Business Owners?
4. Should The Corporate Income Tax Be Lowered?
5. What Factors Have Influenced Marketing And How?
6. The Psychology Behind Advertising
7. What Creates A Good Business Leader?
8. What Factors Motivate Employees And How?
9. What Is A Fair Salary For A CEO?
10. To What Extent Has Mobile Technology Changed Advertising?
11. Has The Music Industry Been Hurt By The Rise Of The Internet?
12. How And Why Do Business Adapt Their Marketing Strategies?
13. How Can Companies Tackle The Issue Of Climate Change?
14. Evaluating The Case For A Single Global Currency
15. How Apple Became The Tech Giant It Is Today

16. The Value Of Apprenticeships For Employers And Employees
17. How Does A Business Change When Transitioning From Private To Public?
18. Why Is Amazon Protected From Current Monopoly Laws?
19. How Can Oligopolies Result In Market Collusion?
20. How To Make An Effective Logo For Your Business
21. How Much Should A Company Pay Their Employees?
22. How Has The Airline Industry Developed Over Time?
23. How Has Automation Affected The UK Economy?
24. Is Spotify’s Business Model Sustainable?
25. How Does VAT Affect UK Businesses?
26. Do Big International Companies Pay Their Fair Share In Taxes?
27. How Are Start-Ups Formed?
28. Should All Employees Be Part Of A Union?
29. How Do Strikes Affect Businesses?
30. Is It Ethical For Businesses To Outsource?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Foreign Languages

EPQ Ideas For Foreign Languages1. Is Latin Dead?
2. The Origins Of The Japanese Language
3. How English Is Used In The Japanese Media
4. Is It Fair To Say That China Only Has Only A Single Language?
5. How Have Foreign Immigrants Integrated Into Japanese Society Since WW2?
6. Is Japanese An Isolated Language Or Part Of A Broader Language Family?
7. What Makes French The World’s Most Romantic Language?
8. How Has English Affected The German Language?
9. Why Is The Internet Dominated By The English Language?
10. Why Google Translate Doesn’t Work Sometimes
11. How Has Human Language Evolved Over Time?
12. Which World Language Conveys More Information Per Word?
13. Which Type Of Language Conveys More Information: Verbal Or Body?
14. Why Can Some Words Not Be Translated Between Languages?
15. Why Do People Speaking Foreign Languages Sound Like They Are Speaking Fast?

16. What Is The Hardest Language To Learn?
17. Do Children Learn Particular Languages Faster?
18. How Much Easier Is It For Children To Learn A Foreign Language Compared To An Adult?
19. Should Everyone Be Forced To Learn A Foreign Language At School?
20. Is How People Use Body Language Universal Across The World?
21. Why Does English Not Have Clear Masculine And Feminine Classifications?
22. How Do Some Words Evolve Into Insulting Words In A Language?
23. How Different Are Alphabets Between Languages?
24. What Is The Official Process Of Adding A Word To A Language?
25. Why Is The Field Of Maths Dominated By Greek Symbols?
26. What Was The First Verbal Language Humans Spoke?
27. Why Has Latin Become Obsolete?
28. The Origins Of The Arabic Language
29. How Strict Are Punctuation Rules Across Different Languages?
30. Which Foreign Language Has To Most Dialects And Why?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Architecture

EPQ Ideas For Architecture1. What Measures Can Society Take To Move Towards Zero-Carbon Housing?
2. What Has Been The Main Influence Of The Architecture In London?
3. Could We Adapt Japans Smart Space Efficient Buildings To Something That Would Work In The Western World?
4. How Can We Build Affordable Green Housing In LEDCs?
5. The Issues Associated With Building More Than A Mile High
6. Could We Build A Mega-Building That Could Cope With The Needs Of A Million People?
7. Should We Make More Buildings Earthquake Resistant?
8. What Influenced Architecture Throughout The 19th Century?
9. How Can We Make Houses More Sustainable?
10. How Can We Make Houses That Are Visually Appealing Yet Still Cheap?
11. How Can We Lower Carbon Commissions From Existing Buildings?
12. How Can We Make Houses Stay Efficient For Longer Periods Of Time?
13. How Much Does The Colour Of A House Affect It’s Carbon Emissions?
14. Does Too Much Emphasis On Sustainability Affect A Building’s Aesthetics?
15. Why Haven’t More Buildings Been Designed To Reuse Grey Water?

16. What Are The Ways We Could Make Solar Panels Look Less Ugly On A House?
17. To What Extent Should Architects Take Into Account The Effects Of The Environment When Designing A Building?
18. How Has Pop Culture Affected Architecture?
19. How Has Social Housing Architecture Changed Over The Years?
20. The Problems Associated With Expanding Heathrow And Why It Needs To Happen
21. The Role Of The Church Of England In Maintaining Architecture
22. How Can We Make The Interior Of Building Brighter?
23. Do Open-Plan Houses Have A Bigger Or Smaller Carbon Footprint Than Conventional Houses?
24. What Caused The Obsession With Open-Plan Houses?
25. How Has The Design Of Office Buildings Changed Over The Years?
26. The Associated Costs With Making Zero-Carbon Sustainable Houses
27. Should Architecture Be Taught To People At A Younger Age?
28. How Can Architects Mass Produce Houses While Still Maintaining Good Standards?
29. Was Poor Architectural Design The Cause Of The Collapse Of The 9/11 Twin Towers?
30. How Does Poor Architectural Design Affect The World Today?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Computer Science

EPQ Ideas For Computer Science1. Is Creating General AI A Good Idea?
2. Who Would Be Responsible For A Self Driving Car’s Actions?
3. At What Point Will Moore’s Become Irrelevant?
4. Should Society Be Teaching More People How To Program?
5. How Does Computer Illiteracy Affect Someone’s Career?
6. The Hidden Agenda Behind Facebook’s Free Internet In Africa
7. How Bad Is The World’s Internet Access Inequality Problem?
8. Is The Internet Making The Gap Between The World’s Poorest And Richest Countries Wider?
9. How Will The World Change As Advancements In General AI Are Made?
10. Are There Enough Graduates Going Into Cyber Security?
11. Is Enough Money Being Invested Into AI Safety?
12. The Effects Of Increased Automation In The Workplace
13. Is Our Society Becoming Too Reliant On Technology?
14. How Will Quantum Computers Change The World?
15. Will Quantum Computers Break Encryption?

16. How Seriously Do Programmers Take The Code Of Ethics?
17. Should Computer Science Now Be Compulsory In School?
18. The Complications Surrounding Net Neutrality
19. Do ISP’s Have Too Much Power?
20. Should Companies Create Backdoors In Their Devices For Government Agencies?
21. Have Smart Phones Had A Positive Or Negative Impact On Society?
22. How AI Is Learning To Create Original Music
23. Should The Internet Be Monitored To Keep People Safe?
24. How Much Power Do Tech Giants Have Over The World?
25. Do Technology Companies Have An Obligation To Create Security Patches For Old Software?
26. Should An Internet Connection Be A Human Right?
27. How Disadvantaged Are People Without An Internet Connection?
28. What Is The Hidden Cost Of “Free” Social Media?
29. Are The Punishments For Hackers Great Enough?
30. Is The Age Restriction For Social Media High Enough?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Ethics

EPQ Ideas For Ethics1. The Complicated Ethics Surrounding Self Driving Cars
2. Should We Experiment On Embryo’s For Medical Research?
3. What Determines Someone’s Inner Moral Compass?
4. Should The Death Penalty Be Brought Back?
5. Should Euthanasia Be Allowed In The UK?
6. Should We Be Allowed To Edit Our Child’s Genes Before Birth?
7. Should We Impose Measures To Control The Global Population?
8. Do We Have The Right To Terraform Other Planets?
9. Should We Always Respect A Patients Choice (Even If It’s Wrong)?
10. How Should We Distribute The Wealth That Has Been Created By Machines?
11. How Can We Be Sure To Eradicate AI Bias?
12. Is It Right For Humans To Ever Control AI?
13. How Moral Is Intense Animal Farming?
14. Are Society’s Perceptions Of What’s Right And Wrong Based On Christianity?
15. Is It Ethical To Raise A Child In A Purely Religious Environment?

16. Should We Introduce Non-Human DNA Into Our Genome?
17. Should People Be Forced To Die If Ageing Is Ever Cured?
18. At What Point Does An Embryo Or Foetus Become A Human Life?
19. Do Embryo’s Have Rights?
20. Can Only Humans Have Rights?
21. What Diseases Should Be Allocated The Most R&D Funding?
22. Is Investing Money Into Space Travel A Waste?
23. Do Care Homes Provide Adequate Care To Dementia Patients?
24. Are Homeless People To Blame For Their Situation?
25. Should Everyone Receive A Universal Income For Absolute Necessities?
26. Is The Use Of Corporate Jargin Ethical?
27. How Many Immigrants Should Wealthy Countries Accept?
28. Do Immigrants Have A Right To Claim Benefits In The UK?
29. What Is An Ethical Minimum Wage?
30. The Ethics Surrounding Employees Stealing Company Time
31. Is It Unethical For Countries To Possess Nuclear Weapons?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Engineering

EPQ Ideas For Engineering1. What Are The Reasons For The Gender Balance In Engineering And Should We Fix It?
2. What Is The Effect Of The Current Shortage Of Engineers In The UK And US?
3. To What Extent Is Writing An Essential Skill For An Engineer?
4. Why Do We Need More Civil Engineers?
5. What Is The Significance Of The Professional Engineers Act?
6. What Ethical Issues Do Engineers Have To Consider?
7. What Would The Role Of Engineers Be For Developing The Process Of Human Cloning?
8. Are Communication Skills Essential For An Engineer?
9. How Do Architects And Engineers Work Together On A Project?
10. How Relevant Is An Engineering Education In The UK Economy?
11. What Part Do Mechanical Engineers Play In Reducing Pollution Levels?
12. Should Engineers That Are Developing Human Robots Be Monitored More Closely?
13. What Is The EPBD And How Does It Affect Engineers?
14. How Has Civil Engineering Changed Over Time?
15. What Contributions Did George Stephenson Make To Engineering?

16. Do Mechanical Engineers Get Paid Fairly?
17. Why Do Engineers Become Essential During War Time?
18. How Have Computers Changed The Field Of Engineering?
19. Should Engineering Be Taught At Secondary School In The UK?
20. How Can The UK Government Incentivise More Students To Become Engineers?
21. Does Civil Engineering Have A Negative Stigma In The UK?
22. How Did Engineering Change In The Renaissance Era?
23. Why Is Mokshagundam Visvesaraya Considered To Be The Father Of Engineering In India?
24. The Engineering That Went Into Building The Egyptian Pyramids
25. What Engineering Is Involved When Building Skyscrapers?
26. How Will Civil Engineering Change In The Next 10 Years?
27. What Are The Engineering Complications That SpaceX Will Have To Overcome In The Future?
28. What Types Of Engineering Jobs Are At Risk From Being Replaced By Robots?
29. To What Extent Are Engineers To Thank For How Western Society Is Today?
30. Why Are There Not More Students Going Into Engineering In The UK?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Politics

EPQ Ideas For Politics1. Is It Fair That Some People Buy Your Their Way Into Politics?
2. Why Are Some Left Leaning Youths Suppressing Freedom Of Speech At UK And US Universities?
3. Would A Second Vote On Brexit Be Undemocratic?
4. Is Public Shaming Of A Politician Ethical?
5. How Has UK Politics Changed Over Time?
6. To What Extent Is The UK General Election A Representation Of True Democracy?
7. Why Did Brexit Happen?
8. Is The UK Becoming More Politically Polarised?
9. The Issues With Having Only Two “Big” Political Parties In The UK
10. How Tony Blair Became So Hated In The UK
11. Why Socialism Has Never Worked
12. How Donald Trump Has Changed Politics
13. Should There Be Freedom Of Information In The UK?
14. Should A Politicians Private Life Be More Open To The Public?
15. How Did The French Revolution Change The Social And Political Structure Of France?

16. Why Is Cosmopolitanism Such A Contested Concept?
17. Why Do Direct Democratic Systems Not Work?
18. How Has Our Implementation Of Democracy Changed Over Time?
19. What Is The Best Form Of Democracy And Why?
20. Evaluating The Case For Global Governance
21. Are Welfare States Economically Sustainable?
22. Does Europe Need To Form Into A Single Country To Keep It’s Status As A World Super Power?
23. What Are The Current Barriers Preventing Global Governance?
24. What Factors Increase Or Decrease The Rate Of Political Change Most?
25. Should Military Spending In The UK Increase Or Decrease?
26. Are Politicians Taking Advantages Of Terrorist Attacks To Invade On Citizens Privacy?
27. How Much Power Does The UK Prime Minister Really Have?
28. What Are The Effects Of The US Government Shutdown?
29. What Is The Process Of Passing New Laws In The UK?
30. How Do Coalition Governments Work In The UK?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Chemistry

EPQ Ideas For Chemistry1. Why The Discovery Of Some Chemical Catalysts Can Be Worth Millions
2. To What Extent Have Innovations From Chemical Engineering Changed Our Lives?
3. How Will Graphene Change The Future?
4. What Chemical Processes Are Involved In Purifying Water?
5. How Can We Make Desalination Less Energy Intensive?
6. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Fluoridation
7. What Are Thermoelectric Materials And How Are They Used?
8. How Oxygen Is Used To Test For The Presence Of Hydrogen (And Why This Is Helpful)
9. What Are The Ramifications Of Silicon Being Used A Lot In Cosmetic Surgery?
10. The Chemistry Behind Food Dyes
11. What Are The Potentially Long Lasting Effects Of Using Particular Pesticides?
12. What Is The Impact Of Acid Rain On The Environment?
13. The Uses Of Carbon Dioxide In The 21st Century
14. The Chemistry Behind A Liquid Bandage
15. The Effects Of Pheromones On Humans

16. How Are Some Sugars Used In Batteries?
17. The Chemistry Behind How The Human Immune System Detects Foreign Pathogens
18. How The Development Of Computers Have Changed The Way Chemistry Is Researched
19. What Are Neuropeptides And What Are Their Applications?
20. The Chemistry Behind Food Allergies In Humans
21. The Chemistry Surrounding Vitamin Deficiency In Humans
22. What Chemicals Affect Human Aging Directly And How?
23. Should Fritz Haber Have Received A Nobel Prize For Chemistry?
24. Are GMOs Bad For Human Health?
25. How Is A Foods Nutrient Composition Measured?
26. The Relationship Between Chemistry And Biology
27. What Are The Solutions To Climate Change?
28. Evaluating The Chemical Composition Of Different Types Of Lava Rocks
29. What Chemicals Are Used To Preserve Food And How Do They Work?
30. Why Radeon Gas Is So Dangerous And Why It’s Not Taken Seriously Enough

EPQ Ideas Relating To Geography

EPQ Ideas For Geography1. How Does A Flood Affect A Community?
2. To What Extent Do Landslides Change The Surface Of The Earth?
3. What Geographic Factors Increase The Chance Of A Landslide Happening?
4. How Does The Principle Of Relativism Apply To Geography?
5. Why Do Earthquakes Happen And Why Do Some Areas Get Them More Often?
6. How Can We More Effectively Capture Wind Energy?
7. What Steps Can County’s Take To Reduce The Effects Of Coastal Erosion?
8. Environmental And Social Impacts Of Natural Gas Fracking
9. How Much Has Human Activity Contributed To Climate Change?
10. How Have Modern Farming Methods Impacted Agricultural Production?
11. To What Extent Can Deforestation Be Justified?
12. How Are Mountains Categorised And How Does Doing This Help Us?
13. What Are The Most Efficient Methods To Predict Hurricanes And How Do They Work?
14. Are Glaciers Melting Too Fast And Why Would This Be Bad?
15. What Methods Are Used To Examine Pollution Levels In A Geographic Area?

16. The Complications With Converting Desert Land To Fertile Land
17. To What Extent Does The Soil Type In Your Area Determine What You Can Grow?
18. How Accurate Are Meteorologist’s Predictions?
19. How Are Lakes And Rivers Formed?
20. How Are Waterfalls Formed?
21. The Effect Of Coastal Erosion On A Local Town’s Population
22. To What Extent Are Humans Responsible For The Extinction Of Particular Marine Wildlife?
23. What Are The Different Weathering Processes And How Can We Prevent Them?
24. To What Extent Is The Moon Responsible For Earths Tides?
25. What Are The Effects Of Expanding Deserts?
26. How Are Each Of The Different Types Of Rock Are Formed?
27. What Can Humanity Do To Reverse Climate Change?
28. How Likely Is It That Yellowstone Volcano Will Erupt In The 21st Century?
29. How Do Rising Sea Levels Affect Humanity?
30. What Evidence Is There To Prove That Pangea Ever Existed?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Physics

EPQ Ideas For Physics1. What Is String Theory And How Does It Help Us Explain The Universe?
2. What Is The Scientific Method And How Is It Applied?
3. The Role Of Physics In Global Warmings Reduction
4. What Are The Negative Impacts Of Physics On Society?
5. What Were Isaac Newton’s Contributions To Physics?
6. To What Extent Is Physics To Thank For The US’s Rise To Becoming A Super Power?
7. How Is The Speed Of Light Applied In The 21st Century?
8. Should Physics Be Optional In Secondary School?
9. Evaluating The Relationship Between Mathematics And Physics
10. What Is Anti-Matter And What Are It’s Applications?
11. How Has The Atomic Model Changed Over Time?
12. To What Extent Is The Healthcare Industry Reliant On Physics?
13. How Could Physics Be Used To Prevent An Asteroid Impact With Earth?
14. How Do Road Builders Use The Concept Of Centrifugal Force?
15. Could Global Warming Not Be Caused By Human Activity?

16. How Are Black Holes Formed?
17. How Has The Discovery Of Magnetic Fields Changed Physics?
18. To What Extent Do Solar Flares Pose A Risk To Modern Life On Earth?
19. The Physics Behind How Airbags Work
20. What Is Quantum Physics And How Is It Applied?
21. What Is The Theory Of General Relativity And How Do We Apply It?
22. What Is The Difference Between Theoretical Physics And Practical Physics?
23. How Physics is Used To Reduce Head Trauma
24. What Is Quantum Gravity?
25. How Might The Universe End Naturally?
26. The Conflict Between Galileo And The Catholic Church
27. Can Physics Completely Prove The Big Bang?
28. Can Physics Ever Explain What Happened Before The Big Bang?
29. What Contributions Did Stephen Hawking Make To Physics?
30. What Contributions Did Albert Einstein Make To Physics?

EPQ Ideas Relating To Maths

EPQ Ideas For Maths1. What Impact Have Imaginary Numbers Had On Mathematics?
2. Is There An Equation To Calculate How Beautiful Someone Is?
3. What Are The Capabilities Of Fractals In Modelling Systems?
4. What Is The Maths Behind Bitcoin Mining?
5. How Has Quantum Mechanics Developed Over Time?
6. How Does The Golden Ratio Affect Us In The 21st Century?
7. What Is Orbital Mechanics And How Do We Use It?
8. How Do We Use The 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions To Solve Problems In Mathematics?
9. How Can We Use Statistical Analysis To Predict The Outcome Of A Sporting Event?
10. Does The Brain Learn Maths The Same Way As It Learns A Foreign Language?
11. What Is Binomial Distribution And How Do We Use It In Maths?
12. Should Maths Be Optional At Secondary School In The UK?
13. The Maths Of Cryptology
14. Can Maths Be Used To Make Better Art?
15. What Are The Most Efficient Algorithms To Calculate Pi?

16. How Did The Invention Of Zero Changed Mathematics?
17. Is Learning Maths From A Young Age As Essential As Learning English?
18. How Do We Use Mathematics To Crack Ciphers?
19. Where Do We Apply Maths To The Real World Most In The 21st Century?
20. How Has Algebra Developed Over Time?
21. What Impact Has Set Theory Had On Mathematics?
22. Are Boys Better At Maths Than Girls?
23. How Is Mathematics Used To Fight Crime?
24. Was Maths Invented Or Discovered?
25. Is The Way We Teach Maths Effective?
26. The Significance Of Pythagoras’s Theory In The 21st Century
27. To What Extent Did Greek Philosophers Contribute To The Field Of Mathematics?
28. Is Mathematical Talent A Myth?
29. To What Extent Is Mathematics The Reason For The Way Western Society Is Today?
30. Where Is Pi Used In The 21st Century?

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