How to Listen to a Podcast

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Podcasts are being spoken about everywhere, and even on other podcasts. The popularity of this on demand audio experience has risen sharply over recent years, and many people are always awaiting the arrival of the next episode of their favourite podcast. If you want to know about listening to podcasts, read on to find out.

You can listen to podcasts on many different platforms. The most famous platforms include Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and YouTube. You can download these apps, search for podcasts and simply press play! These apps allow you to listen to podcasts and discover or search for new podcasts to listen to. If you are looking for specific platforms for a podcast, you should look at the hosts advertisements, and where they say their podcasts are.

There are many different ways to listen to podcasts, but there are also other questions that may be asked, such as whether they are free to listen to, and what exactly are podcasts. You can read on to find out.

How do you listen to a podcast?

Firstly, there are many different methods on different devices. Most often it comes down to the service that you use. Spotify offer music and podcast services, and is arguably one of the most famous podcast service. Simply open the app, and search for you favourite podcast. Under the ‘browse’ section, you can also find a wide recommendation of podcasts, if you are looking to be inspired.

As a whole, a lot of the other apps share the same system, some without the implementation of other music services, and some with the implementation of video services.

To find the best podcast listening services, you should click on this link to the Business Insider’s top list of podcast services. If you are looking for specifics on your device, this is said below:

How to listen to podcasts on an Android device

The recommended application for podcasts on android smartphones is Google Podcasts. This usually comes preinstalled on new android devices. Clicking on the search tab and finding the podcast will take you to the homepage of that podcast.

Here you can find past episodes and listening options. If you really like it, you can ‘subscribe’ to the podcast, so it is available for quick access on the home screen of the app. There is also and option to change the playback speed. To download, you can click on this link to the Google Play Store.

How to listen to podcasts on an iPhone or iPad

This app is similar to Google Podcasts and is called Apple Podcasts. It comes preinstalled on most devices and is specialised towards iOS devices. You can search for podcasts, listen to the current and past episodes, and subscribe to your favourite podcasts.

You can also filter by certain seasons and change the playback speed of the podcast. To find out more about the app, you can click on this link to the Apple website.

How to listen to podcasts on a computer

To listen on your computer, you can download from the multitude of apps. You can choose from your liking, by clicking on this link from Business Insider to the best podcasts.

Most of the services offer applications that you can download, or for the simplest option, you can listen to the podcasts in the web. Just find the website of the service you want and listen from there. For example, for Spotify web, you can click on this link. However, this obviously is not the best option for when you are on the move.

Computers are not only useful for podcasts. Check out this article from Think Student to find out why.

How to listen to podcasts in your car

To listen in a car, there are a few ways. If your car has a screen, and has the podcast application downloaded, you can simply open that app and listen.

If your car does not have that, but is still relatively new and has a screen, you can connect your phone with Bluetooth and play the podcast from your phone. You can do this out of the car’s speakers.

A more complicated way is to install car software, which acts like a phone. An example of this is Android Auto for android phones, or Apple Carplay.

Finally, if you do not have any of these options, you could go old school, and listen to the radio on your car. This offers music and talk radios.

What are podcasts?

A podcast can be many things, but to sum it up into a few words, it is an ‘audio broadcast’ of everything. They are similar to talk shows on radios, but on demand and streamed on the internet.

The host of the podcast would record them speaking on different things like blogs, shows and other topics. They do this simply as if they were talking to the audience, without any video at all. All of this is in a recording, which can be streamed on demand, wherever you are.

Podcasts can also be useful for learning and education. Technology is increasingly helping with this. Check out this article on Think Student to see why.

Are podcasts free?

The podcasts can be described as free, however the services that provide them sometimes aren’t fully free. Most of them can be described as “freemium.” This is a term that describes services that offer a free base service, but also offer paid features that the free version does not get.

You can check out the full definition of “freemium” if you click here to visit the Blog Hubspot website.

A lot of services use this. If you are only looking to use the free features, then for you it will be free. The most common paid features are things like better quality, no advertisements, ‘skip features’ and offline listening.

Spotify is a service which does this, where if you do not have premium, you cannot access those features. The most prominent one missing is offline listening. Without it, you will need mobile data to listen to your podcasts when out and about.

In this article we have discussed what podcasts are, and how to listen to them on different devices. If you want to get into listening, you have a lot of options, and a lot of different services.

If you are struggling to find new podcasts, you can click on this link from to discover new podcasts based on your liking. Thanks for reading and enjoy your listening.

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