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How Hard is A-Level Physics? (Compared to GCSE)

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A-Level Physics is widely considered to be an A-Level that challenges even the brightest students. Although everyone seems to regard the difficulty of A-Level Physics extremely highly, how true is this reputation that the subject has got itself? As always, below is a short answer …

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How To Prepare Properly For A-Levels After GCSEs

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So you’ve just finished your GCSEs, and you’re already starting to look towards your A-Levels. They’re a lot harder than GCSEs, and you’ll have to get used to a different style of work and structure in your education.  Therefore, you’ll want to do a things to prepare for that …

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35+ A-Level Computer Science NEA Project Ideas

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1. Maze Generation Software There are many different algorithms that you could implement when programming a maze generator (like a lot). So, if you want a list on the different algorithms you could possibly implement, check out this article. 2. Rubik’s Cube Solver This is …